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Don’t be merely a CX Monitor

Despite all the hype around the customer experience, CX professionals continue to have a difficult time getting employees (at all levels of the organization) to act on customer intelligence.

Want to know why? Because most are merely CX monitors.

In general, customer experience professionals follow this simple process for taking action.

As this process progresses, the effectiveness of action increases. For example, action won't be very effective by simply sharing customer insights. Effective action only happens when we launch initiatives and implement change management practices.

But, here's the problem. CX professionals' involvement in this process decreases throughout. The relationship between the potential for effective action and CX involvement looks like this.

Want to fix the action problem for your customer experience program? Stop being a CX monitor. Stay engaged in project initiatives through to completion.

For more information on effective CX change management, check out this Walker Webcast.


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