What Aristotle Can Teach You About Marketing

You have to make your argument, it has to make sense and it has to make an emotional connection.

The Savvy Reason There Are Robot Strippers for CES

We can't help but think this is a very smart move, but we also have questions.

What You Really Need to Know About Marketing’s 80/20 Principle to Succeed

You may think you know the "80/20" rule of marketing, but this expert is going to reveal some secrets no one has heard.

9 Mobile Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2018

Across the globe, mobile devices dominate total minutes spent online.

The Secret to Corporate Longevity—Tips for 2018

My great-grandfather lived to be older than most. He lived into his 96th year. And that’s how he would answer the question of his age. When he was 90 and someone asked him his age, he would respond with, “I am in my 91st year.” He was proud of his age, proud of his longevity.

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Better Marketing, Better Sales: 5 Marketing Don’ts From Papa John’s

The NFL "take a knee" protests were a marketing challenge but Papa John's should have been able to respond without getting in the news as the preferred pizza of Nazis.

CX Trends – What’s changing (and what isn’t) in 2018

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time for the all-too-familiar projections for the coming year. It’s the time where everyone considers what the new year will hold and predicts trends that are worthy of attention. Walker’s December webcast focused on this as its theme but added an interesting twist. In addition to considering

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The post CX Trends – What’s changing (and what isn’t) in 2018 appeared first on CX Advantage.

7 Tips for Marketing Your Content to Baby Boomers (And Why You Should)

More often than not, they are your ideal customer.

7 Tips for Building a Career in Marketing

These simple tips will help jumpstart your marketing skills.

4 B2B Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2018

Lack of strategy is the primary reasons why content initiatives fail.