Introducing How You Match on LinkedIn Jobs

Knowing whether or not you’re a good fit for a role is one of the most challenging parts of the job hunt. Being able to understand exactly how your skills and experience match with what a potential employer is looking for can feel like solving a riddle with no clear answer. Today, we’re announcing a feature to help ease that process - How You Match. Now, when you view a job on LinkedIn, look toward the right-hand side of the page to find How You Match. You’ll find a checklist of how factors,...


How Many of These Hidden LinkedIn Features Have You Found?

Because LinkedIn has made quite a few changes recently, this is a good time to update my "LinkedIn hidden features" list. When I tell audiences about these features and tools, the reaction is typically, "I didn't know I could do that on LinkedIn!" And I'm confident you'll find several of them that you'll want to start using immediately.

1.  Give them a shout-out. Here is a really cool but simple way to get someone's attention when either sharing or commenting on a status update.

Just type an "@" sign prior to including someone's name in an update. When you find that person in the list provided by LinkedIn, their name will be hyperlinked to their profile. At the same time LinkedIn will send them a message notifying them Screen Shot 2014-12-26 at 3.32.23 PMthat they were mentioned in your update. You can do the same thing with company names.

When you have multiple people in your network with similar names, this can be more challenging. Therefore, enter the person's last name if they aren't found correctly when using their first name. The extra effort is worth it.

2.  How many connections is 500+? You can now get reasonably close to the actual number by going to the person's profile and scrolling down to their Activity box, where you'll see how many followers they have. That number includes their connections plus people who have clicked the Follow button on their profile. Thus, you can't get the exact number, but it should be pretty close to the number of connections they have.

3.  What are they talking about? While you are at their Activity box, click See all activity to see what the person has been sharing in their updates for the last six weeks or so. If you want to get their updates automatically going forward, just click Follow. 

4.  I'm not really interested in what you have to say. If someone is sharing updates that are really not in your areas of interest but you don't want to disconnect with them, just scroll over to the top right-hand corner the next time you see one of their updates and click the Unfollow [their name] option. Then you will no longer receive their updates in your feed.

5.  Find the experts and see what they are writing about. You can search the entire LinkedIn database of long-form published posts (articles), even those written by people you are not connected to. Just use keywords in the search box on the top toolbar, and then select Content from the toolbar that's displayed just below your main toolbar.

6.  Who went to your school and where do they work now? LinkedIn refers to this as Career Insights. It enables you to see a complete list of all the people who attended or are attending your school, and you can filter by:

  • Where they live
  • Where they work
  • What they do
  • What they studied (major)
  • What they are skilled at
  • How you are connected

You can access this by entering the name of a university or school in your top toolbar. Choose the school page when it appears on the drop-down, and then click the blue See alumni button. This is a great tool for recruiting. Trust me—you are going to love this one.

7.  It is your data. Get this one done ASAP. You can request a CSV file from LinkedIn that is a complete list of all your first-level connections, including first name, last name, current company, current title, primary LinkedIn email address, and the date you connected with them.

Get yours by going to the Me icon on the top right of your toolbar and selecting Settings & Privacy. Choose Privacy, and then scroll down to Download your data. Click the Connections box and then click the blue Request archive button. Within 24 hours, you will get your file.

8.  Who doesn't love to save $10? Here is one that may save you lots of money. In order to send a direct message to a person you are not connected to, you have to purchase an InMail or use one of the InMails you get with your premium account—unless, of course, you share a LinkedIn group with that individual. Yes, that's right. If you are both in the same group, you can message them for free—with only one exception; that is, if the person has changed their settings and chosen to not accept messages from fellow group members. However, this rarely happens because the default setting is Allow members of this group to send me messages via LinkedIn.

To do this, when you're on the profile of a person you'd like to message but who isn't a first-level connection, scroll down to their groups and see what groups you can join. Join the group, go into the group itself, click (Number of) Members, and then put the person's name in the Search box. When their name comes up, select Message, and then send them a message.

Nice job! You just saved $10 or saved one of your InMails for someone who doesn't belong to any groups or at least any groups that you have permission to join.

I hope you found a few goodies on this list. If you did, be sure to share this article with your LinkedIn network by clicking the In button below. They're sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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Here’s How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile that WOW Factor

How would you like to get your two most important documents or links to your best digital content (slideshow, video, resume, photos, etc.) in the hands of people in your target audience?

Well, with the brand new LinkedIn profile, it's easy to make that happen.

LinkedIn has done most of the heavy lifting for you, but there are a few simple steps you need to take to fully capitalize on LinkedIn's latest profile changes.

For tips on what kind of content or links to add to your profile, check out my article Here is a Really Easy Way to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile.

How has your LinkedIn profile changed?

For several years now you've been able to load media or put web page links in your LinkedIn Summary, Job Experiences, and Education entries. But since the big profile changes in 2017, the media and links in your Summary have been buried, and the viewer has had to click Show more to get to them. Because most people skim through your profile, your best information hasn't been getting a lot of views.

With LinkedIn's latest profile updates, any media you upload or link to in your Summary section is now displayed with small, thumbnail photos and a short description, encouraging viewers to take a look. Notice how prominent my two documents are now.
. .

How can you take advantage of this change?

Click the pencil icon to the right of your profile photo and scroll down to Media. To add a link, click the Link box, cut and paste the website URL you want to display, and then click Add. If you want to upload a file from your computer or flash drive, click the Upload box. Once the documents have loaded, revise the short description and then click Save.

I recommend you load two documents, although you can load up to fourteen. Putting just two optimizes the available space with the thumbnail and the description of the document.

You can also include documents below any or all of your Job Experience entries or Education entries, but they probably won't get as many views as the ones in your Summary because of the prominent placement of your Summary.

So, find your two very best pieces of content, and get them loaded right away so your profile viewers get a much fuller picture (pun intended) of who you are and what you do.


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