Here is What You Need to Know About Your Brand New LinkedIn Profile

Can you believe it? LinkedIn has changed your profile AGAIN! If you haven't received the new profile yet, you will see it soon.

This is the second change in less than a year. And although the changes aren't as far reaching as last year's changes, there are some critical revisions you should make to address these changes.

The changes are only in what I call the top box, which is what people see when they first look at your profile (before scrolling down). That's why you should address these changes as soon as possible.

Here is my review of each of the changes and a suggested action step for that change.

Your profile photo has moved from the center to the left-hand side.

Action step: If you have a custom background, you may have to redo it so your photo doesn't cover important information.

Your headline and your location have been moved from the center to the left-hand side.

Action step: I don't have any specific suggestions regarding this, but, as in the past, make sure you have a great headline. Click here to download my free resource The Definitive Guide to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile Headline.

Your current company name and logo, along with your university name and logo, have been moved from the bottom of the top box to a higher position on the right-hand side.

Action step: These two entries will be noticed more often now, so make sure your company has uploaded its logo on their company page because that logo gets carried over to your profile.

Also, if you have multiple current job entries, be sure they're in the right order. Use the reorder icon to rearrange them.

When it comes to the university entry, make sure the first university entry you have listed is the one you want to carry up to this prominent spot. You can also rearrange your education entries by using the reorder icon.

Your intro to your Summary (the portion that shows up prior to the viewer clicking Show More) has been expanded from about 200 characters to about 290 characters.

Action step: This is great news. You now have a 45% expansion of this important section, so use it well to grab your reader's attention or share additional important information. If you want to make it easy for the reader to contact you, consider adding your phone number and/or your email address in this prominent space.

Any media you've uploaded or linked to not only from the Summary section but from your Job Experience and your Education entries will be highlighted more prominently, encouraging your viewers to check them out.

Action step: Take advantage of this improved position for some of your very best documents, videos, Power Points, and links to your website. Show the reader why you're the best at what you do and how you can help them. Click here to read an article I wrote about how to add media to your profile.

That's it. Again, there aren't a lot of updates, but because they're all at the very top of your profile, it's important to make your revisions ASAP.

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What Kind of LinkedIn Magic Gets You to the Top of a Search?

"How do I get to the top of the list on LinkedIn when people are searching for someone like me?"

I'm typically asked this question after I show people how to use LinkedIn's Advanced People Search function and they don't see themselves near the top of the search results—or, worse yet, they see a competitor above them on the list.

Well, I cannot tell a lie—there is some "magic" involved, kind of like Disneyland. Only LinkedIn knows exactly what goes into their search algorithm, but my research and professional experience have helped me roll back the magic curtain a bit so I can share some helpful tips with you.

What does LinkedIn say?

"The ranking of search results on LinkedIn is dependent on 'relevancy to the searcher.'" In other words, LinkedIn is trying to save you time by putting what they consider to be the best choices for you at the top of the list.

If you want to read LinkedIn's official stance on this question, check out these articles from the LinkedIn Help Center.

LinkedIn Search Relevance - People Search

Order of Your Profile in Search Results - People Search

So, what does this mean to you, the LinkedIn user?

In summary, the information shared by LinkedIn is revealing at the highest level but intentionally confusing (or magical) at the detail level—but don't lose hope.

Based on my interpretation of these statements by LinkedIn, along with lots of articles on this subject and the countless hours I've spent helping my clients improve their LinkedIn search ranking, here are seven simple action steps (along with additional resources) you can take to improve your chances of coming up higher in a search.

  • Add your most important keywords to your profile in the right spots.
  • Make sure your profile has an All-Star ranking.

  • Join LinkedIn groups that have members in your target audience.
  • Share your own status updates in addition to sharing, "liking" or commenting on other people's status updates and group discussions.
  • Request recommendations from your connections, and endorse and recommend others as well.
  • Improve the Skills section of your profile.
  • Most importantly (and this is an ongoing process), continue to strategically grow your LinkedIn network.

Follow these steps, and you might experience a little of your own LinkedIn magic!


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I will share my computer screen with you during the call and send you a marked-up copy of your profile prior to the call.

There are limited spots available, so don't delay. Book your session today by clicking here.

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Impress Your LinkedIn Network [and your mom] With Thank-You Notes

Making the right connections on LinkedIn is one of the keys to success. In the past I've written about who you should connect with, why you should connect with them, and how to best find great connections on LinkedIn.

But this week I want to reinforce something your mom taught you—writing thank-you notes.

It's time to dust off that time-proven technique—and not just because it's good etiquette but because it's good business, too.

When to send a thank-you note

Some people are adding dozens of people to their LinkedIn network each week, and sending a personal note to each person may not be possible. But, at the very least, I suggest sending a thank-you note when:

1.  You accept an inbound connection request from someone who meets one of your most important strategic connection criteria

2.  Someone accepts your outbound connection request

You have their attention; so don't miss this opportunity to send them a note. It may encourage them to give you a call or consider you next time they need whatever product or service you're offering.

They invited you to join their network

In this case, your response can be somewhat standard, but it may be advantageous to mention something the person said in his/her invitation to you.

Here's what I typically say:

Hi [insert first name]:

Thanks for the invitation to connect, and welcome to my network. 

I look forward to helping you with your LinkedIn strategy and tactics. To get started, let me know if you would like to begin receiving my free weekly email of LinkedIn strategies and tips. 

Take care. 


You invited them to join your network

In this case the note should be totally customized, depending on why you extended the invitation in the first place.

Say "thanks" and mention a next step the person could take. Here are a few easy ways to spark engagement:

  • Include a link to download a helpful resource or an archived or upcoming webinar
  • Suggest a time for a phone call or meeting
  • Share a reason to check out a section of your website

You get the idea.

Does this take extra time? You bet. Will it be worth the effort? Without question. I add twenty to thirty people to my mailing list each week by following these steps—and some of them have become clients.

LinkedIn is so much more than a social media site you should check occasionally. It's a powerful tool to help you grow your business. And if you can make money AND make your mom proud, I say go for it!


If you’d like help with developing a LinkedIn strategy that will catapult your business and career, take advantage of my limited time offer: a one-hour, one-on-one LinkedIn consultation for just $175 (50% off my regular fee). This offer also includes an in-depth critique of your profile.

I will share my computer screen with you during the call and send you a marked-up copy of your profile prior to the call.

There are limited spots available, so don't delay. Book your session today by clicking here.

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