3 Secrets to Driving Leads to Your Online Sales Funnel

Direct mail is a great way to earn quality customers-but only if you do these three things.

Finding Your Next Job Using the Power of LinkedIn

We’ve covered the power of your network, what makes a good message, and how to keep your profile up to date, now it’s time to learn about how to harness the power of LinkedIn to find the right job for you. There are more than 10 million active job listings on LinkedIn, many of which you can apply for in one click with your LinkedIn profile, so finding your next play could be no more than a few clicks away. Let’s dive into where and how you can find the right job on LinkedIn, whether you’re at...


Tuesday Tip: Hover Over People and Companies in Your Feed to Connect, Message and More

We’ve brought back the ability to quickly see more information about people and companies by simply hovering over the person or company's name from your LinkedIn Feed. Always helpful to know who someone is before replying with a comment or sending a message. Try using the hover feature today to discover more about the conversations makers in your feed. For even more tips, subscribe to our blog.


Submit Your Vote: Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2017

All this week, we’re accepting your nominations for the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2017!   Company Pages have evolved over the past few years, both in terms of visual design and functionality, and we need help finding the most impressive Company Pages out there. That’s where you come in. Which Company Pages kept you coming back for their valuable content, thought-provoking ideas, inspiring visuals, or other creative campaigns this past year? We want to hear from you! Two ways you can...


Work Smarter and Stay Connected with the New LinkedIn App for Windows 10

Every month millions of professionals around the world access LinkedIn using a web browser on Windows 10. We want to give these members more options for how they connect with their professional world, so today we’re excited to share that we are starting to roll out our LinkedIn app for Windows 10. With our new desktop application, Windows 10 users can enjoy a richer, more engaging and connected LinkedIn experience. Your professional network at your fingertips The LinkedIn app for Windows 10...


What is the Real Opportunity for Companies on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has tremendous value for individual people to improve their brand and increase the size and quality of their network. But from Japanese Cat Islanda company's viewpoint, the value proposition is sometimes not quite as obvious, because LinkedIn was designed as an individual-centric platform.

However, as a business leader, imagine what benefits your company could derive from the site if you could, as they say, "herd the cats" and get your employees' profiles consistent and accurate as they relate to your company.

To help business leaders corral this potential value, I have written an eBook titled "10 LinkedIn Mistakes Companies Make and How to Fix Them Before They Damage Your Company's Reputation."

In the eBook I address common mistakes, provide solutions, and give 3D Ebook 2nd Ed Cover-01tips for using LinkedIn to grow revenues, find new employees and suppliers, and maintain a consistent brand in the ever-changing online world.

How many of these mistakes are you and your company making?

1.  Unprofessional or poor quality employee profile photos—or, worse yet, no photo at all

2.  Sharing incorrect or inconsistent information about the company

3.  Poor participation—all company employees are not on LinkedIn

4.  Failing to keyword optimize employee profiles and company page

5.  Sharing poor status updates—or failing to use this powerful tool

6.  Not using LinkedIn to search for customers, employees, suppliers, strategic partners, etc.

7.  Failing to monitor employees' profiles and activity as well as what's being said about the company through LinkedIn

8.  Not joining or participating in LinkedIn groups—particularly significant industry groups and customers' industry groups

9.  Underutilizing the features and tools available on the company page—or not even having a company page

10. Having a woefully inadequate corporate social media policy—or none at all

To learn how to address the mistakes you're making, download your FREE copy of the eBook by clicking here.

For additional LinkedIn B2B company strategies, check out this article from Greg Mischio, my friend and principal at Winbound , The Ideal LinkedIn Strategy for a Small Marketing Department. 

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Tuesday Tip: Prepare for the Day with LinkedIn Calendar Sync

Meeting someone new at work for the first time? Or big interview coming up? Knowing more about that person in advance can give you a leg up, so make sure to sync your calendar in the LinkedIn app — we’ll show you who you're meeting with and what you should know about them. And any time you’re meeting with someone you’re not connected with yet, we’ll even remind you to connect or follow up after. https://youtu.be/F43tbMErEf0 Find your way in to new opportunities by being better prepared and...


New Notifications Features to Stay Up-to-Date on Your Network and Your Activity

The Notifications tab on LinkedIn is where you can go to access timely and relevant updates about your network where you can see activity about you, the content you’ve shared, and your connections. Notifications can help you start a conversation and connect to new career opportunities — we show you job listings you may be interested in, updates when someone you know starts a new position, details on who you’re meeting with next, and much more. We’re constantly looking for ways to keep you up to...