LinkedIn Training

We want to help you understand how to use LinkedIn by training you and your staff.

Have a plan of your own? Looking to have your current plan evaluated? We’ll spend the time to evaluate your plan, answer your questions and guide you to the success you never thought possible with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Private Training

There’s so much to cover when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. Along with so many questions you have and don’t know where to start. You’re wasting time looking for answers to your questions but still not completely sure what you need to be doing.

Or better yet, you have a small group who needs knowledge and training on LinkedIn marketing and optimization.

This three-hour training will help you or a small group understand your LinkedIn plan, uncover the how-to’s, tips and tricks with real answers from real experts on marketing within LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Corporate Training & Consulting

There are times when the best way to train is to sit down with hands-on consulting and training. If this is you and your company Our Corporate Consulting & Training package is a perfect fit! This is a great package for the company who understands the need to have a team with integrated knowledge and training for effective branding and communications on LinkedIn.

Do you have an organization who doesn’t understand the full potential of LinkedIn? Then gather personnel from your operations, customer service, sales and marketing departments for an in-house, full or half-day training on implementing LinkedIn correctly, efficiently and effectively across multiple departments. Learn how to set-up and implement a LinkedIn company page that works and builds buzz…the right way! The Corporate Training & Consulting package can be tailored to your needs.