LinkedIn Services

LinkedIn Management & Maintenance

Do you feel overwhelmed when you hear the word LinkedIn? Do you feel you don’t have the time because “it’s too time consuming”? When you stop and really think about LinkedIn it can be advertising, marketing, sales, customer service and public relations all rolled into one big package.

Now you’re really overwhelmed, right? There’s no need to be because you have TNT Social Media to be your expert. We make LinkedIn easy for you by managing your account and group presence. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so you can get the maximum value out of your account.

The monthly management packages we’ve designed will help take the load off of you to focus on the more important tasks of making all those new connections get the most from your services.

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LinkedIn Training

Creating the social media buzz around your business is challenging.

Even expert marketers, business owners and corporations are seeking exactly how to integrate, manage and interact on LinkedIn. They want to know the best way to engage LinkedIn users and how to get them interested in their services.

This isn’t your parent’s sales market! You’ve heard the buzz on the news, seen signs in stores and links on commercials; now you need the right training from the experts on how to market and optimize your brand on LinkedIn. TNT Social Media offers comprehensive training solutions for you.

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