Your Smartphone Is the Best Computer You Own

How to turn your smartphone into the powerful PC it’s meant to be.

Uber Bows to Pressure, Offers Some Health Benefits to European Drivers

Uber will pay for sick leave and some other health-related benefits for all of its regular drivers and couriers in Europe in a bid to ease tensions with workers who have sought better employment perks.

Samsung Wants Every Appliance to Talk by 2020

Samsung plans to put artificial-intelligence features and internet connectivity in all its products in an effort to transform its home appliances into an army of synced devices capable of fielding verbal commands.

The Startup Building a Market From Scratch to Become Africa’s Alibaba

On safari for the rare African tech unicorn, Goldman Sachs and other big-name investors think they have spotted a winner in Jumia, the continent’s aspiring Alibaba.

Apple Avoids Amazon’s Beauty Contest, Searches Secretly for New Campus

The world’s two most valuable technology companies, Apple and Amazon, are shopping for cities in which to build new corporate campuses. But with one of them, you would hardly know it.

Next PlayStation Is Three Years Off, Sony Says

Sony wants to spend three more years readying its next videogame move, the head of the PlayStation business said—a slight slowdown in the six-to-seven-year update cycle for the console since the first one in 1994.

Israeli Intelligence Company Formed Venture With Cambridge Analytica

A company owned by Joel Zamel, an Israeli entrepreneur whose work has drawn the scrutiny of special counsel Robert Mueller, formed a strategic partnership with a data firm for President Trump’s campaign in a joint bid to win business from the U.S. government and other clients after the 2016 election.

Foxconn Unit Plans China’s Biggest IPO Since 2015

A unit of Taiwan’s contract electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group said it plans to raise $4.25 billion through an initial public offering in Shanghai, potentially marking China’s biggest IPO since 2015.

SoftBank Agrees to Sell Flipkart Stake to Walmart

The operator of the world’s largest technology fund—which holds a 21% stake in Flipkart—had been delaying a decision to participate in Walmart’s $16 billion deal to take control of India’s largest e-commerce company.

Small Banks’ New Money Maker: Bitcoin

To many banks, bitcoin and other digital currencies are a mania, or worse. But to a handful of small lenders, they are a moneymaker.