How Uber Explains the Warriors vs. Rockets Series

Houston general manager Daryl Morey sold his car and now takes Uber everywhere. He applied the same way of thinking to build the Rockets into maybe the only NBA team that can beat the Warriors.

GDPR Has Companies Big and Small Racing to Comply

When strict new GDPR privacy regulations take effect Friday, even small manufacturers and restaurants with no European footprint must change how they handle European customers’ data.

Hot on the Wheels of Grab, Go-Jek Rides Further Into Southeast Asia

Indonesian motorcycle-taxi service Go-Jek will invest $500 million to expand its operations in Southeast Asia, revving up competition just two months after Uber’s landmark deal to exit from the region.

Elon Musk’s Latest Proposal: A Website Named ‘Pravda’ to Rate Media Credibility

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, unhappy with media coverage of Tesla Inc., said he plans to create a site to let people rate the credibility of journalists and news organizations, and suggested he would name it after the former Soviet Union’s main propaganda outlet.

FBI Says No Misconduct in Inflated Number of Encrypted Phones

The FBI sought to defend itself from mounting accusations it had irresponsibly relied on inflated statistics about the number of encrypted phones investigators were unable to access last year, saying there was no evidence the error was due to impropriety.

FBI Moves to Dismantle Network of Hacked Devices Linked to Russia

The Federal Bureau of Investigation moved to dismantle a large network of hacked routers and storage devices that Cisco Systems Inc. and U.S. and Ukraine authorities said could be used to launch a massive cyberattack or knock hundreds of thousands of internet users offline.

Bought an iPhone Battery Last Year? Apple Has a $50 Refund

Apple will give a partial refund to some iPhone users who paid full price for replacement batteries in 2017, its latest benefit to placate owners since it disclosed it inhibited some iPhones’ performance to save battery life.

Does Smart Luggage Really Make Travel Easier?

High-tech bags preempt the nightmarish struggle to find an outlet at the airport. But they come with their own built-in issues. Here, we explore both sides of the debate.

Uber’s First-Quarter Sales Rise 70% as It Preps for IPO

As Uber Technologies Inc. makes preparations for a possible initial public offering next year, the ride-hailing company is showing it can deliver soaring sales growth like a younger startup.

Uber Shuts Down Arizona Self-Driving Vehicle Operations

Uber is closing down its self-driving vehicle program in Arizona about two months after one of its robot cars struck and killed a pedestrian there.