Digital Publisher Mic Network Is Considering Acquisition Offer From Media Company

Digital publisher Mic Network is considering an acquisition offer, among other strategic options, as financial pressures mount on the company.

Weary of Power Outages, Puerto Ricans Find Solace in Solar

Residents and businesses in Puerto Rico increasingly are investing in renewable-energy technologies, mainly solar, to guard against power outages from the island’s still-rickety electric grid.

Amazon Is a Giant. But Bigness Isn’t a Crime.

The company’s scale worries critics, but antitrust law punishes conduct, not size.

Apple Launches New iPhones (Again). Here’s a Guide.

Two of the newest iPhones hit stores Friday, with scenes of customers around the world lining up outside Apple stores. Customer turnout will go a long way toward determining Apple’s results over the next year.

Digital Freight Startup Convoy Raises $185 Million, Surpasses $1 Billion in Value

CapitalG, investment arm of Google parent Alphabet Inc., led a funding round aimed at backing the business in the growing field of digital freight booking.

Intel’s Shortages Chip Away at Micron

A shortage of high-end computer chips from Intel is being felt in other segments of the tech sector. The question is how far it might spread.

Google Workers Discussed Tweaking Search Function to Counter Travel Ban

Days after the Trump administration instituted a controversial travel ban in January 2017, Google employees discussed how they could tweak the company’s search-related functions to show users how to contribute to pro-immigration organizations and contact lawmakers and government agencies, according to internal company emails.

Adobe Buys Marketing-Automation Firm Marketo for $4.75 Billion

For Adobe Systems, the deal is its largest acquisition ever and the latest sign of its ambition to become a one-stop-shop for marketers.

Rape Allegation Against’s Richard Liu to Be Reviewed by Prosecutors

The Minneapolis Police Department has completed its initial investigation into a rape allegation against Chinese billionaire Richard Liu, and prosecutors are now expected to decide whether to bring charges.

Amazon’s New Microwave: ‘Alexa, Please Defrost My Chicken’

Amazon is offering makers of electronics a small chip that would let people use their voice to command everything from microwaves and coffee machines to room fans and guitar amplifiers.