Here’s How to Address a Not-So-Self-Aware Co-worker

Whatever their bad habits, certain annoying co-workers aren’t all that self-aware. So how can you ensure your feedback is received positively by a not-so-self-aware colleague and leads to some changes in their behavior? Here are a few rules to follow.

What to Write in a Boss’s Day Card: 5 Templates to Impress Your Manager

Wondering what to write in a Boss's Day card? Staring at that blank page, trying to think of the perfect message for your boss? Use these five templates to jot down a note that's appreciative and heartfelt. It might even earns you a few extra brownie points with your manager.

11 Lessons From Great Bosses That You Can Use Right Now

Some bosses really stick in your memory. Often, it’s two kinds that leave the most indelible marks: the horrible bosses and the amazing ones. We asked 11 people to highlight lessons learned from great managers that helped in their professional development—and that you can apply in your own career.

Here’s How to Cope When a Co-worker Dies

A colleague’s death “can impact you in ways you didn’t expect, even if you weren’t close with this particular co-worker,” says psychotherapist Jen Leong. Moving forward after the death of a friend at the office or co-worker can be difficult, but there are ways to cope.

4 Things You Won’t Know About Working on a Cross-Functional Team Until You Do It

Working across departments is an inevitable part of your career at some point or another. But it's not always a walk in the park. Here are four things to consider that'll boost the efficiency and productivity of your cross-functional team.

You Can’t Please Everyone (and the Sooner You Realize That, the Happier You’ll Be)

Sometimes it seems like—no matter how hard you try—you always end up disappointing someone. It's a fact: You can never please absolutely everybody. However, that notion doesn't have to destroy your confidence. It can actually empower you and make you better at your job.

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Can I Get My New Direct Reports to Respect Me?

You're a new manager, and you have one direct report who skates by with the bare minimum. Because you're close in age, that employee doesn't seem to respect you or your position. Here's an HR professional's advice on how you can motivate that person to step things up.

2 Lessons I Learned From Telling My Boss I Was Unsure About My Job

I was having a difficult time adjusting to the responsibilities of my teaching job. So, I did what I thought was my only option—I escalated my concerns to my direct manager. Here are two surprising lessons I learned in the process of telling her I was unsure about my job.

This Is the Right Way to Respond to Microaggressions at Work

How you communicate in the workplace can positively or negatively impact your team's culture. That means you want to be aware of the microagressions you or those around you project. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge them, and here's just how to do it.

How to Get (More) Comfortable Having Honest Conversations With Your Boss

Openly communicating with your boss can be intimidating, but it can also improve your relationship and enhance your performance within the workplace. Though these little chats may be awkward, they’re well worth the effort. Check out these tips for how to be more honest with your boss.