5 Types of Terrible Bosses Who Think They’re Doing a Good Job

Your manager might be a terrible boss, but you don't have to let that ruin your week. What you need is to pinpoint the actual problem and then get to work on resolving it so that every day isn't stressful for you.

How to Realistically Deal When Nobody Listens to You at Work

You feel like nobody listens to you at work, and—aside from just yelling—you're unsure of how to get people to actually consider your ideas and input. Here are some tips to make sure your voice is heard and your suggestions are valued in the office.

How to Take Initiative on Your Team (Without Being the Person Stuck Doing it All)

You pride yourself on being a go-getter. But, that also means that you're repeatedly taken advantage of by your team members. How can you get them to do their fair share of work—while still taking initiative yourself? Here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind.

How to Actually Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Today's workplace trades on realness. How to ditch the corporate mask and bring your whole self to work.

One Super Easy Way to Make a Great First Impression at Your New Job

There’s so much to think about when you’re starting a new job. But there’s one super easy and extremely important thing I’ll bet isn’t on there: Practicing your introductions. Because first-day you is going to be nervous enough without leaving your first impression at work to your improv skills.

4 Better Ways to Vent When People Keep Getting Your Name Wrong

Sure, there are productive tactics you can use when people you meet—and some you’ve known for years—get your name wrong all the time. While you want to keep it calm and professional when you correct people (yes, always!), you might need to let off some steam elsewhere. Enter: creative venting.

5 Mistakes Bosses Make When Onboarding New Hires

No one wants to feel hung out to dry from day one. And as the boss, you play a critical role in ensuring your new employees are set up for success. Here are five mistakes bosses most commonly make when bringing on a new team member.

The 4 Worst Ways to Apologize When You’ve Messed Up

It’s OK to make mistakes. When you do, the right thing to do is to own it, learn from it, apologize, and move forward. But, this doesn’t happen all the time. Because we all desperately want to avoid anything that could interrupt the beautiful harmony of our lives, we often respond in the wrong way.

How Anyone Can Be More Inclusive in the Office During Ramadan

Ramadan—the ninth month of the Islamic calendar during which Muslims commemorate the Quran being revealed to the Prophet Muhammad—can affect the work lives of people observing it. Here are several suggestions for managers and co-workers to be more inclusive in the office.

The Question Smart People Ask When They’re Confused About an Assignment

Your boss sat you down yesterday and outlined your next project. The problem? You’re completely confused about the direction you’re supposed to take it in. Don’t stress! The key is to catch your confusion early on and address it—here's how.