It’s True: People Who Like Their Job Still Get the Sunday Scaries

No matter how great work can be, you’re never sure how great it will be. Which is why getting the Sunday Scaries—even if you like your job—is completely normal. Here's why, and how you can begin to unpack the feeling and get comfortable leaving your weekends behind.

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This Company Just Proved a 4-Day Workweek Can Be Good for Business

For six weeks, employees worked four days instead of five but still got paid their full salaries. It was a big success and they're considering a permanent change. But if a sanctioned four-day workweek isn’t in your immediate future, there are other ways you can make your work and life better.

What Pumping in My Company’s Supply Closet Taught Me About Being a Working Parent

One of the realities of choosing to breastfeed is that you spend a lot of your time with your pump in a confined space. Sitting in the supply closet, I couldn’t help but think about how perfectly the experience encapsulated what it's like to be a working mom today and about what I’ve already learned.

The 3 Words That Define a Business Owner’s Success

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One hard truth about being successful is this: You have to go above and beyond. However, I’m also aware that a hard work ethic puts you in a difficult position—becoming a doormat. Here's how to figure out if you're being taken advantage of at work (and what to do about it).

4 Excuses You’re Using for Not Taking Your Vacation Days—Destroyed

Here’s a non-negotiable fact: We humans need rest from everything we do, including work. And while I strongly believe in taking short breaks during the workday, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about actually using your vacation days.