How to Talk About Being Laid Off With Your Family, Friends, and Network

Being laid off stinks. What stinks almost worse is having to explain your situation to your friends, family, and extended network. Lucky for you, we have the perfect templates to craft messages that aren't awkward and will leverage your contacts for future job opportunities.

How to Get (More) Comfortable Having Honest Conversations With Your Boss

Openly communicating with your boss can be intimidating, but it can also improve your relationship and enhance your performance within the workplace. Though these little chats may be awkward, they’re well worth the effort. Check out these tips for how to be more honest with your boss.

4 “Fun” Interview Situations You Might Face (and How to Navigate Each One)

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This Is Exactly How to List Volunteer Work on Your Resume

Will hiring managers even care about the time you spent building homes in Central America or organizing that charity walk? I’ll make this one easy for you: yes! Here’s the right way to add volunteer experience to your resume, in three easy steps.

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How to Convince a Company You’re Ready for a Manager Role Before You’re a Manager

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How to Do a Practice Interview That’ll Actually Help You

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Your Handy Answer to “How Long Do I Keep My Graduation Year on My Resume?”

Everyone struggles with what to keep or cut on a resume. When is comes to education and whether to keep your graduation year on it, we have concrete advice.