5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media

Stories about people who were fired or suffered career-related consequences for posting on social media are easy to brush off as rare events. But they’re also an important reminder that your social media presence isn’t all that separate from your work life. So ask yourself these questions first.

9 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Morning Productivity Plan

These nine mistakes might be ruining your productivity plan every morning. The scariest part is that you're probably making them within 10 minutes of arriving at the office. Lucky for you, they can all be fixed quickly. But first, you need to know what they are.

3 Reasons You Should Definitely Reschedule That Meeting Today

I love when meetings are canceled—after all, I could use that free hour to catch-up with my to-do list. But I do recognize the importance of meetings when they’re done right. With that being said, sometimes it’s still necessary to reschedule your meeting. Here are three of those instances.

Stop Waiting to Magically Find More Time in Your Day—Do This Instead

Time management can be a challenge. There are only so many hours in the day, and you'll never find more time to finally fit in everything you need to do. Fortunately, just changing the way you think about time can make a huge difference.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Hackathon

If you've never attended a hackathon before it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, how to prep, and what do to while you're there. We rounded up the best tips for before, during, and after so you can reach hackathon success.

9 Simple Things to Try if You’re Feeling Antsy at Work

Everybody stresses out sometimes. No matter how you feel about your job or life overall, there’ll inevitably be moments in the office or outside of it when you’re feeling antsy or can’t focus. Here are nine strategies you can try to get back on track and help you identify the underlying issue.

How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Side Hustle

Email marketing can be overlooked, but it’s a surprisingly effective marketing strategy. Here’s how to get started.

You Can’t Please Everyone (and the Sooner You Realize That, the Happier You’ll Be)

Sometimes it seems like—no matter how hard you try—you always end up disappointing someone. It's a fact: You can never please absolutely everybody. However, that notion doesn't have to destroy your confidence. It can actually empower you and make you better at your job.

3 Better Ways to Say “I Don’t Want to”

Presented with an opportunity or request that only makes you groan or cringe? While you might just want to scream, "I don't want to!" there are more polite and professional ways to get your point across. Here are three better ways to turn someone down when you don't want to do something.

This Is the Right Way to Respond to Microaggressions at Work

How you communicate in the workplace can positively or negatively impact your team's culture. That means you want to be aware of the microagressions you or those around you project. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge them, and here's just how to do it.