9 Simple Habits That’ll Help You Come Up With Even Better Ideas

The secret to coming up with a great idea is your commitment to it. It's isn't hard to come up with a great idea; it's hard is to develop the habits that'll get you there and put it into action. Here's how to train yourself to generate better ideas.

Study Says People Do Just 3 Hours of Real Work a Day—Here’s How to Beat That Number

Wondering how to get more work done? Are you spending time doing things like making coffee, chatting with co-workers, or checking social media? If the answer to both these is yes, this article has all the tips and tricks you need.

The Free Meeting Agenda Template That’ll Save You So Much Time

Use our (free!) meeting agenda template to keep your team on task. After all, when people know what to expect in a meeting and next steps, they're more likely to actually get things done. So having an agenda for every meeting is crucial for your team's success.

The Incredibly Simple Tip That’ll Make Big Projects a Little Less Scary

Big projects are exciting and terrifying. There's so much to do it's hard to know where to start or what to do next each time you sit down to make some progress. Writer and editor Lilly Dancyger has a helpful suggestion to make big projects and unstructured time less scary and more productive.

5 Underrated Benefits of Learning to Code (Even if You’re Not an Engineer)

If you’re not an engineer and never plan on being one, you probably have no desire to learn coding. But learning to code has plenty of other perks, no matter what field you’re in—here are just a few surprising benefits of having this skill.

The Small Habit Change That’ll Help You Stop Saying “Um” So Much

Why are we so addicted to using filler words? Apparently, it's because we're afraid of pauses: "For many speakers, even the briefest pause can feel like an interminable silence. That’s because we tend to think faster than we speak" says CEO Noah Zandan in a recent HBR article.

This Tool Comes Up With a Killer Out-of-Office Message So You Don’t Have To

Theoretically, writing an out-of-office message should be a simple and easy task. But when you’re swamped preparing for your vacation it can fall off the radar. Luckily, this free tool will write it for you so you don't have to worry about checking this off your to-do list!

Here’s Exactly What to Do When Someone Gives You Feedback You Disagree With

Knowing how to react to bad feedback is challenging. But, knowing how to respond to feedback you disagree with? Well, that's even trickier. Should you smile and nod? Should you insist that you're doing everything perfectly? Here's how to react to feedback you think is totally off base.

4 Ways You’re Making Your Job Way Harder Than it Needs to Be

You know your job is too hard, but you also have a feeling you might be part of the problem. Perhaps, you're adding more hassle to your plate by overcomplicating your work. So, here are four ways you're making things way tougher than they need to be—as well as how to fix them.

12 Productive Things to Do When You Have Time to Kill Between Meetings

Downtime between meetings can be irritating. It's usually not enough time to dive into a project you've been working on, but it's often too much time to sit and wait. Whether you have two minutes, five minutes, or 10, here are some ways you can stay productive.