Your Smartphone Is Literally Making You Worse at Thinking (Even When You’re Not Touching It)

You know your phone’s distracting. But what you may not have realized is that even without any notifications, it could be sapping your ability to focus on other tasks, according to research from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. Here's what you can try to fix it.

4 Standard Email Lines You Overcomplicate Every Day

Writing email at work can take up a lot of time—espeically if you're overcomplicating the easy parts. Here are the four lines you might be overthinking in your messages, plus how to stop putting so much time in the decision.

This Is How 4 Leaders Fixed Their Company’s Meeting Overload Problem

Meetings—we love to hate them. How they creep up on you right when you're being your most productive. How they drag you through things you already knew. Which is why I rounded up strategies for decreasing your meeting load from four successful company leaders.

5 Phrases You Need to Banish if You Want to Leave Work on Time

We have a problem with how we talk about time. We like to think our requests are easy, but because we never get specific on how much time we need, everything ends up taking longer than expected. So, if you want to start leaving work on time, you need to stop letting people say these five things.

8 Phrases Every Salesperson Should Stop Saying (Today)

The delivery of your message often matters just as much as its content—making confidence crucial to sales success. One of the simplest ways to sound more confident? Steering clear of these eight credibility-harming statements.

4 Way to Test Whether You’re Cut Out for Remote Work—Before You Start

Remote work might sound tempting, but it's not for everyone. It's easy to be charmed by the idea and overlook the traits and skills you’d need to flourish outside a traditional work environment. Here's how to figure out if working remotely could work for you before you actually take the leap.

This Is Why So Many Companies Insist on Open Offices Now

Why do so many organizations choose to go for the long tables, wall-less spaces, and exposed ceilings? I did some digging into why open offices exist, where the cubicle went, and how this new office layout affects the way we work today.

The 4 Worst Ways to Apologize When You’ve Messed Up

It’s OK to make mistakes. When you do, the right thing to do is to own it, learn from it, apologize, and move forward. But, this doesn’t happen all the time. Because we all desperately want to avoid anything that could interrupt the beautiful harmony of our lives, we often respond in the wrong way.

10 Questions About Money Every Adult Should Know How to Answer

Only 17 states require that students take a personal finance course to graduate from high school, a number that’s barely budged in years. Here are 10 questions you should be able to answer as a full grown adult, if you want to save and budget properly.

3 Red Flags That What You’re Doing Is a Waste of Time

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that what you're working on might just be a colossal waste of time? Keep your eyes peeled for these red flags do determine whether or not the task you're doing is worth your effort—or just squandering your time.