The Out-of-Office Message You Need When You Have to Take a Sick Day

It’s decided—you're going to take a sick day. Before you completely unplug, you should write an out-of-office message—or else your business contacts might get annoyed. These two templates will help you craft the perfect one, whether you're totally signing off or working remotely.

How to Politely Decline a Meeting With a Client (Templates Included!)

So, you need to cancel on a client. It’s tricky—especially because the main part of your job is to, well, deal with clients. While you can't not meet with them, you can turn the meeting into a shorter meeting, or a phone call, or even an email. Here are the templates to help you do that.

The Email Template That’ll Make You Feel Less Guilty Asking for a Sick Day

When you're feeling under the weather, it's better to ask for a sick day than to infect all of your colleagues. Not sure what to say when you'll be staying home? You're in luck. Use this handy email template to tell your boss you'll be out sick—with no guilt or gory details required.

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The Out-of-Office Template You Need When You’re Only Taking One Day Off

Here's the perfect out-of-office message for when you're only taking one day off and really want to unplug—whether on your own or because of a major holiday.