How to Ask Your Boss to Let You Work on Another Team’s Project

You don’t hate your job necessarily, but you’re bored. Your day-to-day responsibilities have become second nature. Surely your boss would let you take on another team's project if it was for the good of the company? Here’s what you need to know to get them to say yes, plus an email template to make the ask.

4 Times Self-Doubt Can Actually Be Good for Your Career

Here’s a fact about self-doubt: Everyone has it. There’s plenty of great advice on ways to conquer it. But—bear with me here—it actually has some benefits if you learn how to think about it the right way. So before you swat that “negative” feeling away, remind yourself of these four things.

This Is How to Recover When Your Career Risk Backfires

Often in our careers—such as in life—we make decisions that ultimately turn out poorly. Here are five risks you might take in your career—and how you can recover like an all-star if it doesn’t work out.

I’m an AI Researcher at Facebook—Here’s What I Actually Do Every Day

Angela Fan—an artificial intelligence researcher at Facebook—is aware that most people don’t really understand what AI is, let alone what she does at work every day. Here's how she landed her job, including transferring teams from data science, and what she does on a daily basis.

Everything You Need to Understand About Underemployment

Are you dealing with underemployment? Maybe you have a part-time or contract role but prefer something full-time, or you less than you typically would with your education and experience, or you're overqualified for your current position. Here are five tips to fight the damaging effects of being underemployed.

8 Things You’re Doing Well in Your Career That You Could Be Doing Better

Wondering how to do better in your career faster? f you’re reading this, you’re probably doing A-OK. You’re getting stuff done, you’re learning, and your team is happy with you overall. But everything you do leaves room for improvement. Here are eight things you could improve upon.

It’s OK if You Like Your Job Because the Money’s Good

Admitting that you like your job because it pays well feels like some sort of dirty admission. And, while you should get more out of your career than just cash, there's nothing wrong with recognizing the reality. Here's a friendly reminder that money is allowed to matter.

Want to Be an Effective Leader? Stop Saying “I Feel Like…”

"I feel like..." We say it all the time—in meetings, over email, while giving feedback—but it's actually hurting our communication. Here's why we need to stop saying this at work, and how we can remove it from our vocabulary.

3 Phrases You Should Use to Follow Up Instead of “Not Sure if You Saw My Last Email…”

Fun fact: According to a recent Abode survey, people say the most annoying phrase they’ve ever seen in email is this: “Not sure if you saw my last email…” So how can you follow up on emails in a less passive-aggressive way? Here are some better phrases to try.

I’m a Digital Editor at—Here’s How I Got There

During senior year of high school, Jenna Goudreau wrote herself a letter—she’d be living in New York City, and she’d either be an actress or a magazine writer. For the most part, what she wrote in her letter came true. Now, she's the VP and Managing Editor of CNBC Make It.