It’s True: People Who Like Their Job Still Get the Sunday Scaries

No matter how great work can be, you’re never sure how great it will be. Which is why getting the Sunday Scaries—even if you like your job—is completely normal. Here's why, and how you can begin to unpack the feeling and get comfortable leaving your weekends behind.

Here’s What You Can Realistically Do When You’re Doing Your Job…and Someone Else’s

It happens all too often. A team member leaves the company—voluntarily or not—and all the work they were responsible for is left behind. And now you're doing your job and someone else's at the same time. How can you approach your boss to get a better handle on your workload?

6 Productivity Tips for Work-at-Home Parents, Straight From the Experts

Working from home while I was pregnant was incredibly convenient. Working from home after my son was born proved slightly less successful. I struggled to adjust to my new reality as a WAHM. So I asked a handful of productivity and business experts for their best tips for parents who work from home.

The 9 Highest-Rated Career Books of 2018, According to Goodreads

Looking for the best business books to read this year? Based on Goodreads members, these are worth perusing. We break down their rating and what they're about so you pick the perfect one for you and your career.

Getting Fired From My First Job Led Me to Find My Career Path

Tristan Layfield was fired from his first job rather unfairly. But he didn't let this setback stop him—he went on to work in retail, then as a site specialist at a laboratory supply company, then as a project manager at IBM.

The 6 Best Solo Vacations You Can Take Between Jobs (at Every Price Point)

What you do between jobs matters, whether you travel somewhere you’ve been dying to go or nurture a long-ignored hobby. Here are six of the best places to travel alone if you're taking a solo vacation between jobs (no matter what budget you’re on).

6 Questions to Ask if You Want Your New Boss to Like You (and Spoiler, You Do!)

Starting a new job is all about making a good first impression—and this means asking a lot of questions. While there are no bad questions, there are some that will boost your reputation better than others. These six are worth asking in the first few days and weeks if you want to get ahead.

Study Says People Do Just 3 Hours of Real Work a Day—Here’s How to Beat That Number

Wondering how to get more work done? Are you spending time doing things like making coffee, chatting with co-workers, or checking social media? If the answer to both these is yes, this article has all the tips and tricks you need.

The Free Meeting Agenda Template That’ll Save You So Much Time

Use our (free!) meeting agenda template to keep your team on task. After all, when people know what to expect in a meeting and next steps, they're more likely to actually get things done. So having an agenda for every meeting is crucial for your team's success.

Ask a Credible Career Coach: How Do I Get Companies to Consider My Non-traditional Background?

Having to job hunt with nontraditional experience can be stressful. It's tough to know how to present yourself as a qualified fit for your dream job when your past roles are a little out of the box. Here's a career coach's advice on how you can leverage your differences to your advantage.