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This Woman Wrote a Cover Letter From Her Dog’s Perspective (and it Worked!)

We talk about including personality in your cover letter all the time—and the benefits of doing so. But, to be honest, it’s tough to know what that looks like in action. So when I came across the following cover letter—written from the perspective of a dog—I knew I had to share it.

Ready to Teach? These Pros in the Know Can Help You Become Head of the Classroom

Ready to Teach? These Pros in the Know Can Help You Become Head of the Classroom

What to Do if You’re Embarrassed by a Former Employer (But Did Great Work There)

Embarrassing company sitting on the top of your resume? I always tell people that your best defense is nearly always a good offense. Thus, if you suspect a reviewer may raise an eyebrow about something related to your background, assume that they will and address it proactively.

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