How I Got Through Working While Pregnant (With a Condition That Made Me Puke All the Time)

When I found out I was pregnant, I was elated. And freaked out, since I'd just gotten a new job. I would be working while pregnant—and was also diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum. Here's how I made it through this challenging time, with the support of my colleagues.

4 Common Situations Working Parents Face—and How to Deal With Each One

Dealing with family emergencies while working isn’t fun or easy, but having strategies in place can at least minimize the stress—and ensure you’re there for your child and your job’s taken care of. Here’s advice on how to navigate four common working parent issues.

These​ Are the Questions to Ask Your Children to Actually Hear How Their Day Went (Especially When You’re Working A Lot)

Wondering what your kids are up to? Ask these questions.

What Pumping in My Company’s Supply Closet Taught Me About Being a Working Parent

One of the realities of choosing to breastfeed is that you spend a lot of your time with your pump in a confined space. Sitting in the supply closet, I couldn’t help but think about how perfectly the experience encapsulated what it's like to be a working mom today and about what I’ve already learned.

This Is How Smart Bosses Retain Employees Returning From Maternity Leave

Companies that can’t retain working parents lose in the cost of recruiting and training new talent, as well as in high-performing and well-skilled employees. And bosses can make all the difference in how a person performs at work after returning from maternity leave and whether or not they stay.

3/5 of Dads Would Change Jobs to Get Better Parental Leave—So Why Isn’t it Commonplace?

One (surprising) thing fathers want more of in the workplace is fair parental leave. Unfortunately, the opportunities for them to be fully present in the lives of their newborn child are scarce. Here's what companies can start doing to right this.

The 2-Part Parental Leave Plan That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Through a bit of trial and error during my own pregnancy, I created a two-part system that made my transition and parental leave so much easier, and which I highly recommend any expecting parent use before taking time off.

Surviving Unemployment When You’ve Got Kids, According to Someone Who Did

Unemployment’s stressful under any circumstances, but when you’re a parent, it becomes even more challenging for all the obvious reasons. When my husband and I were laid off within six weeks of each other, we quickly found out how hard it could be to put on a brave face for the kids.

What Your Co-Workers With Kids Want You to Know

Ever wonder what your coworkers with kids want you to know? Read on for advice from working parents on creating a less stressful workplace.

Back From The “Break”: Re-Entering the Workforce Post-Kids Is Hard, Here’s How to Show Companies You Should Be Their Next Hire

Re-entering the workforce post-kids? Here's advice on how to return to the workforce seamlessly.