Volunteering Helped Me Figure Out What I Was Actually Passionate About

Jennifer Bangoura spent four years in the Peace Corps doing volunteer work in Africa. The work she did helped her uncover her true passion—helping people—and she's now a career services specialist at 2U, where she provides career development and education services to graduate students.

6 Jobs That’ll Help You Do Good With Your Law Degree (That Don’t Involve Being a Lawyer)

Many people pursue law school because of the desire to make a difference. While it can be a challenging decision to move away from law, the good news is that there are plenty of jobs in the social-impact space where your law degree can be quite useful.

My Illness Inspired Me to Launch 2 Organizations Dedicated to Helping Others

At just 15 years old, Roxanne Black-Weisheit was diagnosed with Lupus. At 42, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Black-Weisheit has overcome extensive adversity, but it's only made her stronger and more driven. Here's how she launched not one, but two nonprofits helping people with illnesses.

This Will Help You Decide if You’ll Do Better at a Small Nonprofit or a Large Nonprofit

Finding a workplace where the organization’s culture feels like a fit can greatly affect your overall job satisfaction. We break down what the culture at a small versus large nonprofit means so you can find a company that's perfect for you and your career advancement.

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You don't have to go back to school if you want to transition away from your teaching career. Here's how to use your existing experience to spark an entirely new career—maybe even one in the nonprofit sector.

10 Podcasts You Should Listen to if You’re Into Nonprofit Work

If you need something uplifting to listen to on your commute, here are a few social-impact podcasts to try. Whether you work in nonprofit, are interested in changing careers into nonprofit, or just enjoy inspiring stories, these will surely keep you educated and entertained.

3 Reasons It’s Worth Taking an Entry-Level Job at a Nonprofit (Even if You’re Experienced)

If you're interested in switching careers and going into the nonprofit sector, here's why it's worth going for an entry-level position.

I Used My Journalism Skills to Transition Into a Career Helping Young Women

L'Oreal Thompson Payton wanted to help young black girls feel accepted. Here's how she made the jump from journalism to a new career that did just that.

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