What You Can Realistically Do When You Realize You’re Not a Good Culture Fit

You're having doubts about whether or not you're truly a good culture fit at your new job. What now? Here's how to deal respectfully and professionally.

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2 Lies You Need to Stop Telling Yourself About Your New Job

But before you gallop off into the sunset and start your new job, I need you to understand that this role won’t be all rainbows and unicorns. And to truly get that, you need to stop telling yourself these two lies.

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Can I Be Impressive When I Replaced a Workaholic?

You've started a new job, and you just found out that your predecessor was a workaholic. Now you're worried that your boss and team members will have completely unrealistic expectations of your own working hours. Here's how to prove you'll still be effective—without working crazy overtime.

6 Questions to Ask if You Want Your New Boss to Like You (and Spoiler, You Do!)

Starting a new job is all about making a good first impression—and this means asking a lot of questions. While there are no bad questions, there are some that will boost your reputation better than others. These six are worth asking in the first few days and weeks if you want to get ahead.

A Few Tips for Introverts Trying to Make Friends at Work (According to Fellow Introverts)

You’re about to start a new role. It’s exciting because yay, fresh start, but it’s also incredibly intimidating because you're an introvert and it takes you a little longer to make friends. Fear not! We spoke to five introverts to get the best tips on how to make this process a little more painless.

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One Super Easy Way to Make a Great First Impression at Your New Job

There’s so much to think about when you’re starting a new job. But there’s one super easy and extremely important thing I’ll bet isn’t on there: Practicing your introductions. Because first-day you is going to be nervous enough without leaving your first impression at work to your improv skills.

How to Make the Most of a Weekend if You Can’t Take a Longer Break Between Jobs

There’s a magical period of time that can only be found between the day you leave one job and the day you actually start a new gig you’ve got lined up. But what if you can't take a break for a few weeks and end up with just a weekend? You can still have some fun, get some rest, and be ready to go.