Mental Illness May Plague Entrepreneurs More Than Other People. Here’s Why (and How to Get Help).

One entrepreneur walks us through her struggle with the anxiety and depression that affects so many, as has come to light after the tragic deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade.

This Is How You Deal With an Emotionally Abusive Boss (When You Can’t Quit)

For all of our sakes, I wish emotionally abusive bosses didn’t exist. But I also know that’s a big wish. So, this article isn’t going to tell you to you that the best move is to just quit. I’m writing this for the people who can’t leave right now and need help coping.

When “Living for the Weekend” Is a Huge Red Flag

Work will never be simple, sometimes you’ll have bad days (even bad weeks), and yes, sometimes you’ll live for the weekend. And that’s because weekends are great. But here are four signs your love for weekends is probably a sign you should look for other jobs.

6 Things You Need to Do Right Now if You Think Your Job’s Killing You

In his book, "Dying for a Paycheck: How Modern Management Harms Employee Health and Company Performance—and What We Can Do About It," Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer argues that “the workplace is killing us and nobody cares.” But you should care—and fight back. Here are a few ways to start.

15 Better Things to Do After Work (if You Want to Be Happy)

Recent research cited in Quartz found that looking at a screen, like your TV or phone, in your leisure time makes you unhappier than any other activity. So, how else can you spend that time after work? We came up with a few ideas—anything from being productive to relaxing to exploring your hobbies.

Only 11 Percent of Employees Are Encouraged to Take Mental Health Days, and That’s Tragic.

When individuals are self-aware of their needs -- and given a chance to voice them -- everyone is happier.

Real Talk: Is it OK to Take a Sick Day When You’re Not Sick?

You could really use a break, and a sick day sounds way too tempting. What can you do? A career coach and HR experts weighs in on this tricky topic.

The 3-Minute Mindfulness Exercise That’ll Make You a Better Leader

For those who don't have enough time to meditate for hours, here's a simple way to be more mindful (and improve yourself as a leader in the process).

This One Health Tip Will Convince You to Stop Eating at Your Desk (for at Least a Day)

A recent health expert taught me about mindful eating, and it's completely changed how much I eat at work, and helped me practice slowing down.

3 Realistic Ways to Unplug When You Leave the Office

With technology enabling us to be always on all of the time, unplugging can be a challenge. But you need to do it for your own mental health. Here's how.