3 Reasons You Should Definitely Reschedule That Meeting Today

I love when meetings are canceled—after all, I could use that free hour to catch-up with my to-do list. But I do recognize the importance of meetings when they’re done right. With that being said, sometimes it’s still necessary to reschedule your meeting. Here are three of those instances.

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"I feel like..." We say it all the time—in meetings, over email, while giving feedback—but it's actually hurting our communication. Here's why we need to stop saying this at work, and how we can remove it from our vocabulary.

How to Have a Successful One-on-One With Your Boss (No Matter How Well You Get Along)

Whether you’ve been working for years or are just starting out, you know that having good one-on-one meetings with your boss is crucial for your success. Here’s how to make the most of this time so you both leave feeling productive, motivated, and on the same page.

The Free Meeting Agenda Template That’ll Save You So Much Time

Use our (free!) meeting agenda template to keep your team on task. After all, when people know what to expect in a meeting and next steps, they're more likely to actually get things done. So having an agenda for every meeting is crucial for your team's success.

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12 Productive Things to Do When You Have Time to Kill Between Meetings

Downtime between meetings can be irritating. It's usually not enough time to dive into a project you've been working on, but it's often too much time to sit and wait. Whether you have two minutes, five minutes, or 10, here are some ways you can stay productive.

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Yes, even Oprah gets bored in meetings.

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Meetings—we love to hate them. How they creep up on you right when you're being your most productive. How they drag you through things you already knew. Which is why I rounded up strategies for decreasing your meeting load from four successful company leaders.

I Find Only 4 Minutes of Any Meeting Are Actually Useful. Here’s How to Know When You’ve Struck Meeting Gold.

If done right, meetings are an incredibly valuable way to build relationships, share ideas and drive business forward.

How to Survive a Meeting-Filled Day (and Still Get Your Work Done)

As someone who’s (and knows many people who have also) had days of back-to-back meetings, I know how tough it can be to get all your other work done. Here are some tips for how to get through the day the best you can, if canceling isn’t an option.