How to Politely Decline a Meeting With a Client (Templates Included!)

So, you need to cancel on a client. It’s tricky—especially because the main part of your job is to, well, deal with clients. While you can't not meet with them, you can turn the meeting into a shorter meeting, or a phone call, or even an email. Here are the templates to help you do that.

A Handy Flowchart to Help You Decide if You Should Schedule That Meeting

Before you call a meeting, take a moment to consider if it's really necessary. Or if's an enormous waste of time (and money) for your office. This infographic can help you (quickly) decide whether you should schedule that meeting or spend that time doing something else.

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How to Create a Meeting-Smart Work Culture

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How to Cut Down a Presentation That’s Running Long (Without Having to Talk Fast)

Talking faster is never a good way to shorten a presentation. If you're down to the wire and you have to make some adjustments, here's what to do.

3 Questions That’ll Ensure You’re Never Unprepared for a Meeting Again

There is nothing worse than being called out in a meeting you should have been prepared for. Before your next meeting, ask yourself these questions.

5 Ways Smart People Use Meetings to Boost Their Credibility

Meetings don't have to be a complete waste of time—here are five ways to use them to boost your reputation as a leader (and also get stuff done).

3 Reasons I Almost Listened in Your Meeting, But Didn’t

I begin every meeting with the best intentions—but then inevitably end up zoning out. Here are the top three reasons why, plus how to fix them.

How Turn Your Meeting Into an Email and Save All the Time (Template Included!)

Meetings aren't always necessary and they're not always a good use of time. Here's how to share that same information in an email instead.

7 Ways Business Meetings May Be Killing Your Profits

The "Law of Two Feet" says that if you're not learning from or contributing to a meeting, you should get up and leave.