Inspiring Inclusion in Innovation: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Haben Girma

If you could help to positively change the lives of nearly 20% of the people that lived on earth, wouldn’t you? While this sounds like a tall order, it’s an attainable one —so long as we choose to value and prioritize inclusion. This is exactly the vision that Haben Girma, Harvard Law’s first deafblind graduate, shared with LinkedIn at our most recent Speaker Series. From finishing college to being featured on  Forbes 30 Under 30 list, Haben embodies the positive change she wants to see in this...


Workplace Wisdom From Space: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Captain Jim Whetherbee

Before he became a U.S. Navy Aviator, landed airplanes on aircraft carriers, flew fighter jets, and especially before making five successful trips to space, Captain Jim Whetherbee actually hated adrenaline, danger and risk-taking. In fact, he still does. To this day, he’s clearly been able to suppress this fear while being successful, safe, and productive. This is largely due to a life chalk-full of experiences, several of which were spent facing risk and danger head-on, which helped foster his...


From Positive States to Lasting Traits: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Daniel Goleman and Richard J. Davidson

There’s no denying that mindfulness training has skyrocketed in popularity, whether it be by way of yoga, meditation, or one of the many other outlets of practice. In the past few decades, it has gone from a niche exercise, to a full-blown lifestyle that millions have devoted their time, effort, and in some cases, life to. Regular mindfulness practice, even when done for a few minutes, can improve our ability to concentrate, remember, be present, learn, recover from stress, and stay resilient,...


The Era of Citizen Power: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Eric Liu

Shortly after taking the LinkedIn Speaker Series stage, Eric Liu, author, journalist, and teacher of civic power, emphatically expressed, “we’re all living in a remarkable moment in history.” This opening quote became the thematic driver for the rest of his hour-long talk, which aimed to inform, remind, and prove to the audience that the world is experiencing an age of epic political change — all through the efforts of average citizens. By studying and experiencing the progressive collapse of...


Pushing Limits Rather Than Setting Them: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Scout Bassett

As they say, “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish that counts.” This is something that I’ve heard throughout my entire life, whether it be from youth athletic coaches, professional mentors, or just good old fashioned parental encouragement. I however, like many, have been lucky enough to consider this phrase only during moments of tribulation. The saying takes on a deeper meaning when pressed upon you by current USA Paralympian and Nike Athlete, Scout Bassett, who has made it her...


Ego Is The Enemy: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Ryan Holiday

“When someone tells you they see something of themselves in you, and then they catastrophically implode in a very public, avoidable way, you sort of go, whoa, I don't want that to happen to me.” Ryan Holiday might be an unlikely face to speak about ego, but the 29-year-old has already experienced the euphoric highs of success and the humbling lows of failure — enough to lend credit to his philosophy behind why you, and more specifically your ego, may be your own worst enemy. He is a college...


How a New Generation of Entrepreneurs Is Changing The World: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Brad Stone

These days, most of my travel planning is done straight from my smartphone. I ride to and from the airport on Uber or Lyft, I get a better sense of the city from the carefully chosen Airbnb I’m staying at, I pick restaurants and book reservations without ever speaking to a single person on OpenTable, and so much more. I revel in the simplicity and elevated experiences each app brings me, but am fully aware that this new normal didn’t come easily. In fact, how this technology became a regular...


Start With Happiness to Find Success: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Neil Pasricha

How can I be happy? It’s a simple enough question, but one whose answer seems to evade so many. In fact, the quest for happiness has turned into a burgeoning industry full of books, coaches, and even full-time positions at the most progressive companies. The research is also plentiful. People who are happier or have a positive mindset at work are 31% more productive, 40% more likely to get a promotion in the next 12 months, and three times more creative. And to top it off, happier people live...


The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Golden State Warriors’ Joe Lacob

“Good enough” may be “good enough” for some people, but not for Joe Lacob. As the Owner and CEO of the Golden State Warriors, Lacob has always refused to settle for the status quo. Whether it was in his youth when he was hawking peanuts at the now Angel Stadium of Anaheim or when he purchased the Golden State Warriors in 2010 for a then record-breaking sum, Lacob’s strategy has always been the relentless pursuit of excellence and he wouldn’t have it any other way. As a former partner at the...


Bringing the Economic Graph to Life: LinkedIn Speaker Series with Zoë Baird

Zoë Baird, CEO and President of the Markle Foundation, believes that the world’s economy is changing -- and she’s right. Long gone are the days of the Industrial Revolution, and the tools that were created to address that difficult transition. We are now in the thick of a digital revolution and as a result, a “digitized” economy. The training people need to succeed is also shifting. We live in an economy that is forgoing the traditional and instead looking for skills-based knowledge and continued growth -- regardless of whether or not you have a degree.

Zoë sat down with Allen Blue, VP, Product Management and Co-Founder at LinkedIn, at the latest LinkedIn Speaker Series to discuss how these transitions can be difficult to navigate not only for policy makers, but for you, me, our families, and everyone who’s looking to create a good life. They both provided insight into what the Markle Foundation and LinkedIn are doing to help people advance their careers.

While this new economy presents hurdles to overcome, like getting people the training they need and creating jobs, it also presents many of the solutions. In fact, Zoë shared that new insights from professional networks like LinkedIn can help educational institutions update their curriculum so that students learn the skills they need to qualify for open jobs. Yes, platforms like the one you’re on right now.

For example, LinkedIn is building the world’s first Economic Graph -- a digital map of the global economy that includes every member of the global workforce and their skills, all open jobs, all employers, and all educational institutions. LinkedIn has been sharing insights from the Economic Graph with policy makers, educators, and employers all around the world to help improve economies, like our partnership with Skillful -- a Markle Foundation initiative to help workers in Colorado and Phoenix with high school diplomas and some or no college education gain new skills to advance their careers. We also developed Training Finder, a new product that helps job seekers acquire new skills and advance their careers by showing relevant training programs in their area and valuable details to help them get the skills they need to get the job they want.

As I listened to Zoë and Allen discuss solutions with a true passion for creating economic opportunity for everyone, I was reminded that it’s not just the politicians who will pave the way for a brighter economic future. It’s about the business owners and entrepreneurs who are creating jobs, the workers who may not have traditional education but have the dedication, and the people who are passionate enough to develop the training and the tools, creating a better life, for everyone.

Watch the full LinkedIn Speaker Series video below, or listen to the podcast, and learn more about how the Markle Foundation, Skillful, and LinkedIn are helping create economic opportunity.