Win a Dream Experience Managing Social for Justin Timberlake from Live Nation and LinkedIn

Earlier this year, we unveiled the LinkedIn Top Companies list, which highlights the most sought-after companies where professionals want to work and stay. Now we are teaming up with one of the top companies, Live Nation, to offer a professional on LinkedIn the chance to experience a day in the life of a Live Nation employee and help manage social media for Justin Timberlake’s “Man of the Woods” tour from Live Nation’s social accounts. Starting today, professionals can enter to win a chance to...


The LinkedIn 2018 Top Companies Share How to Ace an Interview

We just unveiled the third annual LinkedIn Top Companies list, spotlighting the most sought-after companies in the world where professionals want to work. This list is the only ranking of its kind based entirely on the actions of over half a billion professionals. We know that more than 6 million professionals applied to jobs at the LinkedIn Top Companies* this year, so how do you make the cut? We asked some of the Top Companies in the United States to reveal what makes a candidate stand out....


Top 5 Publishing Tips From The 2017 LinkedIn Top Voices

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LinkedIn Unveils the List of Companies Where Members Want to Work Now

We just unveiled LinkedIn Top Attractors. It’s the first-ever list that ranks the most sought-after companies by professionals in the world right now based on the billions of actions taken on LinkedIn by our 433+ million members.

Topping the U.S. list is Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. It’s no secret that competition to work at a Top Attractor is stiff, so you may be wondering how you can stand out amongst the sea of applicants at these sought-after companies. Here is some helpful advice from the companies on the list about what they look for during the hiring process.

Understand the company and express your passion.

Across the board, the companies on the list want candidates to be passionate about their brand and mission. Airbnb wants team players who use their service. If you’ve never stayed at an Airbnb, make sure you do so prior to applying. Before you interview at Netflix, binge watch season two of Bloodline. To learn more about their cultures and what’s important to these companies, follow them on LinkedIn.

Be true to yourself

Time and time again, these companies told us they aren’t looking for candidates who fit a certain mold because they value employees with diverse skillsets and personalities. “We don't hire for ‘culture fit,’ we hire for ‘culture add,’" said Pandora. “We want our employees to bring their own unique, individual perspective to Pandora, rather than have them blend in with the pack.” A good way to showcase your personality is by publishing on LinkedIn and sharing your point of view on industry trends and news in today’s professional world. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile reflects your personality, aspirations and skills; starting with a good photo, which is like a virtual handshake.

Think ahead and be organized for job interviews.

While it may seem obvious, many candidates aren’t thinking ahead. The companies on the list reinforced the importance of being prepared and doing your homework. Make sure you know your professional narrative cold. Salesforce told us that the best candidates “enthusiastically express what makes [them] tick… and align [that] with the company’s mission.” An easy way to get in right mindset is to read up on the company, see what LinkedIn Influencers in the industry are talking about and read what employees are sharing and posting.

Find out what open positions are currently available at the companies on the Top Attractors list by searching for jobs on LinkedIn. To learn more about these companies and why they are sought after, visit the Top Attractors.

*While we are thrilled that many people want to work with us at LinkedIn, we have removed ourselves from consideration for The LinkedIn Top Attractors list as we do with all other lists in the editorial franchise. The list still features Microsoft and was finalized prior to the announcement on June 13, 2016 that Microsoft intends to acquire LinkedIn. We will re-evaluate Microsoft’s inclusion in the future.

We Ranked LinkedIn’s Best Writers of 2015. Time to Follow Them All Now.

LinkedIn Top Voices

Every week, professionals from around the world publish over 150,000 posts on LinkedIn. Those posts cover everything from the narrow to the macro; some of the now nearly 2 million writers come once, others have carefully honed their voice.

So who should you read? And if you’re a writer, who should you emulate?

We answer those questions today with the debut of LinkedIn Top Voices, our ranked list of the top 10 writers in eight different areas — finance, tech, marketing, healthcare, leadership, media, education, venture capital — who broke out from the crowd. We also looked at the Influencers, the roughly 500 top voices in the professional world, and analyzed which 10 Influencers our readers thought were at the head of the class in 2015.

Among some of the names who surfaced as member favorites:

  • Karen Gross, the former president of Southern Vermont College, who uses her expertise in education to make sense of the protests on college campuses, the growing student debt burden and the debate over the glut in law schools.
  • Olivia Barrow, a reporter for the Milwaukee Business Journal, who gives readers a behind-the-scenes take into producing a major story and shares her own thoughts on the future of news. (One prediction: the days of free news may be over, something she says is a very good thing.)
  • Mina Radhakrishnan, the entrepreneur-in-residence at Redpoint Ventures, adds an informed opinion on issues affecting Uber (her previous employer), Airbnb and other such marketplaces, and writes about “products I’d have in a perfect world, if they were built exclusively for me.”
  • Geoffrey Garrett, the dean at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, uses his travels around the world to help to inform his view on the future of the global economy.

When it came to looking at the Influencers, readers signaled that they were hungry for informed insights into the global economy. With so much focus on bubbles, Fed rates and employment issues, it’s not surprising to see big names in economics bubbling up: Mohamed El-Erian, Ian Bremmer and Jill Schlesinger.

As with all LinkedIn Lists, our quarterly series that highlights the top people and companies in the business world, Top Voices is a combination of data and editorial signals. We relied on a formula that measured a host of criteria to determine writers who were making a mark in their industries: engagement around content (especially comments, which — thanks to a lack of anonymity on LinkedIn — are unusually strong); growth of followers tied to publishing; number of times the writer had been featured in a channel in their area of expertise; and how often the contributor had been chosen as an Editors’ Pick. That last channel is reserved for top content that helps explain the world today; when editors on my team select a story for Editors’ Picks, they are signaling that a story is worth paying attention to right now.

Writing can be a lonely, nerve-wracking process: you’re putting yourself and your beliefs out there for everyone to critique or build on. Those who have gotten the bug for writing know the real joy comes not in writing but in having written. Once you hit publish, the ideas bouncing around in your head turn into a worldwide conversation: you help shape the world of your readers and they help shape yours with their informed comments. As list member Marianne Griebler explained, “When someone else takes the time to thank you or scold you for the ideas you’ve put down in words, it’s intoxicating. It’s what drags us back to the keyboard again.”

The 90 people on this list show what can happen when you hone your craft and develop your voice; it doesn’t take being a professional writer, it takes being fearless.

I’m following them all now and hope you will, too.


Footnote: We excluded all LinkedIn employees and ex-employees from consideration to avoid any signs of favoritism; our list is limited to people writing in English this year and we’ll look to explore expansion in the months to come.

Want to nominate someone you’ve been following for next year’s list? Fill out this form.

Finally, massive kudos go to the dream team of Senior Editor Chip Cutter, Marketing Manager Margeaux Brooks and Senior Data Scientist Caitlin Crump who managed the process of ranking, evaluating and highlighting the 90 names appearing on our 2015 list.