Always Forward: How You Can Join LinkedIn­­­ in Honoring Veterans

LinkedIn and America’s veterans share a common ethos: instead of resting on our laurels, we’re always looking for the next challenge. As a company, we take a forward-looking approach to supporting the veteran community, continually seeking opportunities to invest in its great potential, and mobilizing our extended member community in support of veterans. Honor Our Future – What’s Next? Last year, LinkedIn challenged America to re-think the way we honor veterans, reorienting our focus from what...


Stand #WithRefugees on World Refugee Day

Today is World Refugee Day, a day to honor the strength and courage of millions of refugees and to explore how we can help them achieve a safer, better life for themselves and their families. A better life for many refugees goes beyond just ensuring the safety of their families. It also includes finding ways to be productive in their new communities. Employment is often the key to that productivity. At LinkedIn, our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global...


Give Back with LinkedIn Volunteer Marketplace during National Volunteer Week

Since you were a child, you probably heard how important it is to volunteer and give back to others. That by giving just a little bit of your time, you can make a huge impact in someone’s life. But did you know that volunteering can also bring you tremendous benefits? Research has shown that volunteering can benefit your health and your career. According to Harvard Health, researchers found that people are happier the more they volunteer. And the happier you are, the healthier you are likely to...


Connect Underserved Communities to Economic Opportunity: Become a Mentor

Everyone deserves an equal shot at economic opportunity but not everyone has access to the professional networks that can make this possible. That’s why our mission at LinkedIn for Good is to connect underserved communities to the networks, skills and opportunities they need to succeed. In 2016, we reached a combined 1 million underserved youth, veterans, refugees, employees and nonprofits.   This year, we are striving to do even more, and we need your help. Our aim is to remove the economic...


The Greatest Gift of All: Your Time and Talent

With the holiday season upon us and so many challenges facing the world, it’s never been more important for us to come together to make a difference in our communities. At LinkedIn for Good, we are committed to connecting underserved communities to economic opportunity. One way we strive to do this is by galvanizing you, our members, to give your time and talent. And we know that many of you are open and ready to support your communities. In fact, more than 9 million members around the world...


Honor Our Future: Don’t Just Thank a Veteran, Ask Them What’s Next

This Veterans Day, LinkedIn is proud to join the chorus of citizens and organizations lending our thanks to those who have served us. But beyond just saying thank you, we’re asking the country  to make a change. Let’s rethink how we honor veterans. Unfortunately, when the average citizen meets a veteran, they are likely meeting an unfamiliar face. With less than one percent of our population serving in these most recent conflicts, and with our nation defended by an all volunteer force, a...


Vote: An Important Connection to Economic Opportunity

LinkedIn's vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. While LinkedIn’s products and services and our work on the Economic Graph will help make that vision a reality, economic opportunity is impacted by larger societal issues. Government policies on issues such as tax, trade, immigration, education, health care and the environment will be influenced by the results of these elections. As a result, LinkedIn is doing two things around this year’s U.S....


Helping newly settled refugees find economic opportunity in Sweden

Welcome Talent

LinkedIn’s vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. It’s this vision that makes me proud to work for LinkedIn, especially when it can help an important global issue: the refugee crisis.

Last October, a friend who works at the Swedish Migration Board shared with me some of the challenges refugees face as they enter the country and look for employment. These challenges include no local professional network, a language barrier, the nuances of a new culture, and of course, knowing where to find a job. We quickly realized that LinkedIn had a unique opportunity to leverage what our company does best: connect these individuals – many of whom are highly skilled – with opportunity.

On a per capita basis, Sweden has received more refugees than any other European country. In addition, many of these refugees have skills that the Swedish economy can benefit. According to a recent article, a quarter of refugees in 2014 had higher education — up almost 5% on the previous year. More than two-thirds of them had skills that matched graduate job vacancies.

Today, we are very proud to launch Welcome Talent, a new initiative that aims to help refugees in Sweden find opportunities created specifically for them and their unique circumstances. The site includes resources in both Arabic and English, including potential opportunities and information on how to create an effective LinkedIn profile. There is also a section for employers that explains how to to post internships and jobs on LinkedIn, at no cost, for refugees. Employers simply mark their internships and job opportunities with a special hashtag, #welcometalent, so they can be easily discovered by refugees. To date there are more than 150 opportunities from companies such as Spotify, Proffice, 3 and Happyr.

If you work in Sweden, please consider joining us by posting an opportunity. If you’re a newly settled refugee, either in Sweden or anywhere in the world, create a LinkedIn profile to help find opportunity, no matter where you are.

This Year, Resolve To Help Someone Else Reach Their Goals

Last month, we asked a group of students from our nonprofit partner Year Up to share their resolutions, hopes and dreams for the coming year. Year Up is an amazing organization that empowers low income young adults to move from poverty to professional careers in one year. Each student had ambitious yet achievable goals —

2016 Youth Resolutions

We left the meeting inspired by these incredible young people and compelled to find concrete ways to help connect them to economic opportunity. Like many of you, I’ve been reflecting on the past year and have committed to make 2016 even more meaningful. In the process, I realized that while making my own resolutions may benefit me in the short term- I can have an even greater impact if I resolve to help someone else achieve their goals in 2016.

Research shows that the presence of a caring adult in the life of a child or young adult is often the difference between falling off track or pursuing an education and a career. Yet 16 million young people will reach age 19 without ever having a mentor. This impact is even more profound for students who were not born into opportunity or connected to a network that takes advantage of their extraordinary skills. With a small time commitment, you can be that connection that unlocks their future.

Today at our LinkedIn company meeting, I challenged every employee around the world to commit to volunteering their time as a mentor. Mentoring can be as simple as spending an hour with a young person to answer questions and help them map out a career path. There is no template or timeline, all you need is a desire to help. This year, I hope you will join us and help someone else achieve their career goals. For more information on mentoring or to find additional volunteer opportunities, visit

We Asked LinkedIn’s Influencers — and Our Own Executives — To Give Advice on Mentoring. Here’s What They Said.

LinkedIn Thank Your Mentor

One in three young people in the U.S. have never had a mentor, yet 55% of young people are more likely to enroll in college when they have one, according to a new study by MENTOR. We at LinkedIn feel that mentorship is incredibly important and these relationships can make a real difference in the lives of underserved youth.

We’re asking our members to celebrate and acknowledge their mentors. Simply #ThankYourMentor by @mentioning them in a LinkedIn update with the hashtag. Take it a step further by signing up to mentor an underserved youth, or even join the likes of LinkedIn Influencers, like former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and GM CEO Mary Barra, and write a post about your mentorship experiences.

This has been a hot topic of late at LinkedIn, so we recently asked our executive team here at LinkedIn what makes for a good mentor/mentee relationship with your mentor and how to get started. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “Chemistry is everything,” says SVP of Global Solutions Mike Gamson.
  • “Be proactive about what it is you want to work with on your mentor. Show up prepared with what it is you want to talk about,” says CMO and SVP of Corporate Communications Shannon Stubo.
  • “Make sure you find a mentor with shared values,” says VP and General Counsel and Secretary Michael Callahan.
  • “Respect their time,” advises SVP of the Global Talent Organization Pat Wadors.
  • “Don’t be afraid to ask,” SVP of Engineering and Operations Kevin Scott.
  • “Make sure you have alignment of goals and perspective,” suggests SVP and Chief Financial Officer Steve Sordello.
  • “Like all valuable relationships in our lives, you know it’s a right fit when you meet them,” says Chief Executive Officer Jeff Weiner.

We hope you’ll join us, #ThankYourMentor, and help make a difference.

Want more mentoring advice? Read posts
here, then write your own. Use #ThankYourMentor and @mention your mentor when sharing.

*The advice included in this post was shared during an internal LinkedIn meeting and was approved by the executives mentioned.