How to Stay Excited at Work When You Have 1,000 Different Interests

Being a multipotentialite doesn’t have to mean living an unstable life, flitting from job to job. If staying at your current company appeals to you, these strategies can help. Take it from me––you can you stay excited at a steady job even if you want to be doing 1,000 different things.

It’s OK if What You Thought Would Make You Happy Didn’t

It's not always easy to realize when you're unhappy—whether it's in your personal or professional life. There's a sense of guilt and shame that comes with admitting something didn't pan out. But, when handled right, this can actually be a productive and positive opportunity for you.

The Answer to “Should I Tell My Boss I’m Not Happy at Work?”

Being unhappy at work is something almost everyone goes through at one point or another. But do you tell your boss? It really depends on what kind of manager they are, how much power they have, if the problem is fixable, and if you have other job options in place (in case it doesn't work out).

Science Says Money Does Buy Happiness If You Spend it the Right Way

When you recognize the difference between need and greed the rest is easy.

15 Better Things to Do After Work (if You Want to Be Happy)

Recent research cited in Quartz found that looking at a screen, like your TV or phone, in your leisure time makes you unhappier than any other activity. So, how else can you spend that time after work? We came up with a few ideas—anything from being productive to relaxing to exploring your hobbies.

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