How to Get Real-Life Career Experience During Your PhD Program

Even if you feel swamped with research and homework, it's still smart to try to get work experience while you're getting your PhD. Luckily, there are things you can do to get those transferable skills. We have several options for you—from least time-intensive to most.

The 2 Mantras That Help Me Get Through a Task I Hate

Let's face it, we all have to do tasks we hate at our jobs and throughout our career. It's just a fact of life. But repeat these two mantras to yourself over and over again and those tasks will become just a little bit more bearable.

How to Keep Moving Up When You’re the Only Person in Your Department

We all know that ongoing learning is an important aspect of career success and happiness. But what happens when you don’t get to work alongside a team? How do you continue learning in your role when you’re the only one in your workplace who does what you do? Here's how to succeed as a team of one.

10 Podcasts You Should Listen to if You’re Into Nonprofit Work

If you need something uplifting to listen to on your commute, here are a few social-impact podcasts to try. Whether you work in nonprofit, are interested in changing careers into nonprofit, or just enjoy inspiring stories, these will surely keep you educated and entertained.

How to Get the Max ROI on Your Internship

Got an internship? Time to network. Tips to plot your charm offensive.

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Can I Prove My Value Without Bragging?

You want to give your accomplishments the attention that they deserve—especially in front of your boss. But, it's tough to prove your value without seeming like you're bragging. Here are three tips from an HR professional to help make your boss aware of what you do, without gloating.

8 Career Lessons I Learned From My Two-Year-Old Roommate

To start, I’m not a parent. I opted in to a commune-style Brooklyn home I found on Craigslist, and I live with a young couple and their two-year-old. Sure, my roommate;s a bit younger than me, but he's quite wise. Here are some of the big career lessons he's taught me in our time living together.

3 Hard Truths About Moving Up the Ladder (and How to Handle Them)

Moving up the ladder is awesome—a bigger salary, more ownership and respect. But it also comes with a lot of responsibility, which most people don't realize. These are some of the hard truths you have to face as you become a manager—and how to handle them like a pro when you experience them.

5 Quick Tips That’ll Help You Get Better at Taking Risks

My experience as an advocate of women in their careers has taught me that women need to take more risks on themselves—here's how to start, from successful women who have gotten ahead in their careers by taking those leaps.

InspiR&D: 5 Lessons From Women in Tech That You’ll Use Your Entire Career

Are you a woman ready to rock the tech world? Read on for advice from 5 women in tech who know the ropes!