A Beginner’s Guide to Using Visualization to Boost Your Career (With Exercises!)

What exactly is visualization? How does it work, and how can it help you reach your career goals? Find the answers—as well as exercises you can try to get started—here.

7 Striking Facts About the State of Women in the Workplace in 2018

Women’s representation in the corporate world hasn't improved much at all since 2015, according to the 2018 Women in the Workplace report recently released by McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org, despite companies stating that gender diversity is a priority. Here's where things stand.

This Popular Movie Moment Is Setting You Up for Disappointment in Your Career

You know the movie montage where the underdog protagonist trains hard and gets good in a matter of minutes? It's so misleading, creating the illusion that mastery can be achieved faster, that success comes more easily, and that the whole process happens more smoothly than is actually the case.

Your Career Goals Are Only Too Big if You Don’t Ever Start

Figuring out how to achieve your big career goals can be tough. You think of all of the reasons you can't do something until you've backed yourself into a corner. But, getting started is actually easier than you think. Here's how to take action on those goals—starting today.

It’s OK if You Look at Other People’s Careers and Think “What Am I Doing?”

Have you ever looked around, compared your career to the careers of friends or strangers, and wondered, "What am I doing?" You wouldn't be alone. It’s normal to feel this way sometimes—a lot of people do. Remember that, and then try one of these strategies to deal with it.

5 People on How Their (Really Cool) Hobbies Make Them Better at Their Jobs

Pursuing cool hobbies outside of work is fun, sure. But a hobby can also make you a better employee or business owner, whether it's running, hiking, go-kart racing, or playing piano. Let’s take a look at how five professionals used their very different hobbies to improve their work.

11 Lessons From Great Bosses That You Can Use Right Now

Some bosses really stick in your memory. Often, it’s two kinds that leave the most indelible marks: the horrible bosses and the amazing ones. We asked 11 people to highlight lessons learned from great managers that helped in their professional development—and that you can apply in your own career.

Here’s What to Do When You Feel Fake at Work (Because You’re Just Not That Into it Anymore)

Have you ever felt like you're being fake at work? Keeping your head low, hiding out in the bathroom, wearing a phony smile, pretending to be happy when you're not? It’s exhausting! But more importantly, it’s a sign that you need a change. So let’s talk about your options.

It’s OK if Your Current Job Is Just a Stepping Stone for You

I work in the career space, so I spend most of my days telling people that they should love the work they do. And I truly believe this. But I’m also aware of the value our jobs can and should realistically provide us. So here’s the truth: Every job you have doesn’t have to be your dream job.

The Simple Strategy That Helped Me Set Long-Term Career Goals (Plus, a Worksheet!)

Setting career goals always sounds great in theory. But goals aren’t about talking the talk—they’re about walking the walk. So, I set out to create and achieve my own long-term goals. Here's how I did it, and how you can too.