Are You a Bad Parent If You Rely On Parenting Tech?

Anxious to raise their kids the ‘natural’ way, many parents shun innovative gadgets that might make life easier. But some tech can be your ally, argues one new mom.

Publishers Warm to Google’s Ad Blocker, but Chafe at Company’s Power

Publishers are greeting the launch of Google’s ad blocker with a mixture of relief and unease, pleased that it is purging intrusive ads but worried over the internet giant’s power to quickly overhaul the industry.

Google’s New AMP Stories Bring Snapchat-Like Content to Mobile Web

Alphabet’s Google unveiled new technology that lets publishers create visual-oriented stories in a mobile-friendly format similar to the style popularized by Snapchat and Instagram.

Unilever Threatens to Reduce Ad Spending on Tech Platforms That Don’t Combat Divisive Content

Unilever says it will pull back advertising from popular tech platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, if they don’t do more to combat the spread of fake news, hate speech and divisive content.

The Computer Part People Are Hoarding: ‘I Felt Like I Was Buying Drugs’

There’s also lying and price gouging, prompted by the race to create cryptocurrencies, which is driving up cost of one specific type of hardware that’s also prized by PC gamers.

As Online Schools Expand, So Do Questions About Their Performance

After years of steady growth, virtual schools are experiencing a blip as some states attempt to claw back public funds, citing student inactivity online, or force schools to close due to habitual poor performance.

Viacom Inches Closer to a Deal

Though still struggling, the media company is showing early signs of a turnaround and odds of a deal with CBS have risen.

How Olympic Speed Skater Shani Davis Relies on ‘World of Warcraft’

The gold-medal-winning speed skater on decompressing off the ice, baking Canadian cookies and adding electrolytes to steel-cut oatmeal.

How YouTube Drives People to the Internet’s Darkest Corners

Google’s video site often recommends divisive, misleading or false material despite changes it has made to highlight more-neutral content, a Wall Street Journal investigation found. The culprit is an algorithm that picks clips that get people to stay.

A Breakthrough Stroke Treatment Can Save Lives—If It’s Available

The ‘thrombectomy’ is transforming severe cases, preempting brain damage in many patients by extracting clots through arteries. But America’s medical establishment is far from making it standard practice.