4 Ways to Keep Your Best Employees Engaged (and Away From the Job Boards)

You can keep your high-performing employees engaged by taking something away—or, by imposing the right constraints. When I work with organizations, we do an exploratory exercise that helps leaders reframe their constraints as positive and motivating. Here's how.

This Simple Exercise Will Help You Make Better First Impressions

Like it or not, the world’s built on first impressions. And making a good first impression is all about being self-aware. We came up with a great exercise in our book, Superconnector, that'll help you become more self-aware and able to recognize your social strengths and weaknesses.

I Sent a Celebrity a Note While on the Same Flight…and Now She’s in My Professional Network

When I spotted my idol, Meredith Vieira, in the airport, I knew I just had to talk to her. Here's how I approached her (hint: I used a napkin).

This Super Bowl Win Is a Good Reminder That Overnight Success Stories Don’t Exist

Being successful has nothing to do with dreaming big and everything to do with your ego and focusing on the small steps you take every day.

3 Questions Smart People Ask Before Starting a Side Hustle

Before you turn your passion into a full-blown side hustle, you have to ask yourself these three key questions (if you want to actually make money, that is).