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AOL and Yahoo Scan User Emails Then Sell Data to Advertisers, Report Says

Verizon-owned Oath is pitching a service to advertisers analyzing AOL and Yahoo emails to provide targeted ad data, according to The Wall Street Journal.

3 Phrases You Should Use to Follow Up Instead of “Not Sure if You Saw My Last Email…”

Fun fact: According to a recent Abode survey, people say the most annoying phrase they’ve ever seen in email is this: “Not sure if you saw my last email…” So how can you follow up on emails in a less passive-aggressive way? Here are some better phrases to try.

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The One-Hour Guide to Organizing Your Inbox if It’s in Shambles

The more your emails pile up, the less likely you're bound to check them. If you've got more than 300 unread emails, then your inbox could use a good cleaning. Luckily, an email purge doesn't need to take more than six hours. It doesn't even need to take a full hour if you follow these tips.

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