This Is the Right Way to Respond to Microaggressions at Work

How you communicate in the workplace can positively or negatively impact your team's culture. That means you want to be aware of the microagressions you or those around you project. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge them, and here's just how to do it.

An Inspirational Reminder That You’re Never “Too Old” to Change Careers

Why are we so resistant to the idea of pursuing a new career in our 40s? Or 50s? or 60s? Or later? The idea feels foreign, maybe a little uncomfortable, in a culture fascinated by child prodigies and constantly manufacturing 30-under-30 lists. But should it be? Charlotte Clymer says absolutely not.

Swapping a Few Words Can Make All the Difference in Your Fight for Equality at the Office

What sound like passionate declarations from people who care about equality, uttered with the fiercest determination and the best intentions, might actually transmit subtle biases. The reason? Grammar. Here's why (and what to say instead).

How to Give Better Career Advice to People Who Aren’t Exactly Like You

Looking for information on how to be a better ally and give better advice? Chad Loder posted a Twitter rant about how white men like him should be careful how they give advice to women and people of color. But it's useful for anyone giving advice to anyone else who hasn’t had the exact same experiences.

After Fighting Gender Discrimination, Lynn Povich Became Newsweek’s First Female Senior Editor

Lynn Povich was one of 46 women at Newsweek who became the first in media to sue for gender discrimination. She later became the magazine's first female senior editor and the only woman in the room at story and cover conferences.

Rich Donovan Proved Cerebral Palsy Wouldn’t Hold Him Back on Wall Street

Rich Donovan wanted to be a rocket scientist in high school, which probably would have been a more sensible career for someone with cerebral palsy than the one he ultimately chose: trader on Wall Street. He was the only trader at his firm on Wall Street with a visible disability, as far as he knew.

10 People on What It Was Like to Be the First (or Only) at Work

We gathered 10 true inspirational stories of trailblazers who were the first (or the only one) at work in some way—including Adam Rippon, Cesar Vargas, Michael Tubbs, Lynn Povich, and Rumana Ahmed—to remind you that no matter what obstacles are standing in your way, you can go after your goals.

50 Reasons You Might Be More Privileged Than Your Co-worker (That You’re Not Aware Of)

Privilege is a social force that’s widely impactful, yet highly misunderstood. The best work environments strive for those who have less privilege to reach success as equally as those who do not. But in order to do that, we must first know exactly what privilege looks like.

9 (Free!) Online Classes for Managers Who Care About Diversity and Inclusion

The best work environments are often the most inclusive. They're likely to make more money and outperform other companies where diversity isn't a priority. If you're a manager who cares about creating a more supportive work environment, give any one of these free online classes a try.

26 Companies That Celebrate Diversity

If you're eager to land a job with an employer that emphasizes diversity and inclusivity, you're in luck. We've pulled together 26 companies that celebrate diversity and value team members from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The best part? All of these companies are hiring now.