What’s the Secret to the Success of Google, Ikea and Four Seasons? A Dynamic Culture.

Your company can thrive if you define these three characteristics of a dynamic culture early on in your company's life cycle.

Changing Culture Through CX Rituals

Much of the CX conversation has shifted to focus on organizational culture. Sure, we have great customer listening efforts in place. Sure, we are asking the right questions of the right customers. Sure, we have people who want to do the right thing. Even with all of that, we don’t really feel that our organizations

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What actions will have the greatest impact on your customers?

The “Big Three” customer expectations – Personalization, Ease, and Speed – came through clearly, but what actions are companies taking to meet the demands of customers? We asked this question through our Customers 2020 research. Here’s what we heard. In-depth interviews During the in-depth interviews we asked what companies are doing to prepare for the...

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What a ‘Best Butt’ Award Says About Bad Corporate Culture

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5 Ways to Overcome Cultural Barriers at Work

Find common ground where everyone can understand each other and respect cultural differences.