5 Phrases You Should Avoid Saying at Work

Approach work with a positive can-do attitude.

Your B2B Customers Deserve Engaging Content, Too! So, Why Not Give It to Them?

It's important to never lose sight of the fact that the businesses you serve are made up of people. And people can get bored.

5 Keys to Making True Connections

Connecting increases your influence in every situation, and these five keys will help you to confidently connect with many people in your life.

4 Better Ways to Vent When People Keep Getting Your Name Wrong

Sure, there are productive tactics you can use when people you meet—and some you’ve known for years—get your name wrong all the time. While you want to keep it calm and professional when you correct people (yes, always!), you might need to let off some steam elsewhere. Enter: creative venting.

The 4 Worst Ways to Apologize When You’ve Messed Up

It’s OK to make mistakes. When you do, the right thing to do is to own it, learn from it, apologize, and move forward. But, this doesn’t happen all the time. Because we all desperately want to avoid anything that could interrupt the beautiful harmony of our lives, we often respond in the wrong way.

The 2-Part Parental Leave Plan That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Through a bit of trial and error during my own pregnancy, I created a two-part system that made my transition and parental leave so much easier, and which I highly recommend any expecting parent use before taking time off.

7 Apps to Bring Your Team Together

In today's tech-centered world, it's easy for vital information to get lost in translation. These tools can help unite your team.

5 Tips to Effective CX Communication

Communication is such a cliché topic. We know what we need to do to be good communicators, right? Tailor our messages for different audiences, be clear and concise, don’t pollute messages with filler words or unnecessary information. As CX leaders, we’re communicating about a topic that most, if not all, of our companies, executives and

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This Tech Business Holds Company-Wide, 15-Minute Standing Meetings to Keep Employees Connected

Skipio's CEO, Nick Greer, and CMO, Randy Garn, explain how keeping a positive, open company atmosphere is key to helping your employees grow just as much as your business.

Email Is Great But Face-to-Face Meetings Are 34 Times More Successful

If your goal is to communicate, talking is a lot better than typing.