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Everything I Learned From Surviving My Co-worker’s Public Scandal

No matter what your job is, when a co-worker is involved in a scandal, it can become a rain cloud that pours down on the entire business and everyone associated with it. It’s not fair, but that’s reality. And I know from experience that it’s imperative to gird yourself and guard those you care about.

How to Take Initiative on Your Team (Without Being the Person Stuck Doing it All)

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4 Phrases to Shut Down Unsolicited Advice From Your Co-workers

Sometimes we want advice from our colleagues. Other times, we desperately want them to stop talking, leave us alone, and trust us to handle things on our own. Yelling at them to shut up probably won’t do you any favors, nor will ignoring the situation. Instead, try these four phrases on for size.

An Introvert’s Advice to Dealing With Intimidating People

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