This Fintech Business Pulled Off a Major Company Pivot by Believing in Great Results

Ratehub CEO Alyssa Furtado talks about the risk of expanding the business to go up against current customers.

What Every Disrupter Needs to Know About Transformation

Beyond the buzzword, disrupting the status quo requires insight into the art of transformation.

How a Major Personal Crisis Led to a Smarter Business

When his child suddenly required round-the-clock care, an entrepreneur adapted his company's operations to allow him to run it from anywhere, anytime.

Take a vacation from your CX program

You know that feeling of fresh perspective that you have immediately after you return from a vacation? Everything seems a bit clearer. Priorities are in focus and life is in perfect balance – even if just for a few days. At home, you zero in on the things that need to be done and do

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Why you’ll never be a unicorn great at all 10 CX traits

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as Steve Walker says in our bonus 10 Traits Recap podcast episode, “it would take a pretty special brand of unicorn.” At the recent Qualtrics X4 event, we took a group of about 40 B2B CX professionals through a self-evaluation exercise. And guess what? Not

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Being a Catalyst for CX Change

None of us is in CX to track and trend metrics. Sure, we will all celebrate a significant increase in our customer loyalty or advocacy metric but that isn’t really our ultimate goal. As CX professionals, we are looking to make a difference, engage our organizations and drive meaningful change on behalf of the customer.

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The Real Reason You Are Struggling With Change — And How to Fix It

In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Ben Angel dives into one of the main reasons you're struggling to move forward in life and business.

How to Use Your Voice to Change the World

On this podcast episode of "School of Greatness," be prepared to learn something about yourself and the power you have to change the world.

The One Constant in Any Business? Change.

Without change, you won't be able to grow or prosper.

The Secret to Corporate Longevity—Tips for 2018

My great-grandfather lived to be older than most. He lived into his 96th year. And that’s how he would answer the question of his age. When he was 90 and someone asked him his age, he would respond with, “I am in my 91st year.” He was proud of his age, proud of his longevity.

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