4 Thank You Note for 4 Awkward Interview Situations

A well-crafted thank you note can literally clinch the deal for you when you're interviewing for a job. But, what if the circumstances aren’t the best? Here are four less-than-ideal interview situations, and how you can frame the thank you for each

This Is the Right Way to Respond to Microaggressions at Work

How you communicate in the workplace can positively or negatively impact your team's culture. That means you want to be aware of the microagressions you or those around you project. It’s important to recognize and acknowledge them, and here's just how to do it.

Ask a Marketing Expert: Can Social Media Professionals Deactivate Their Personal Accounts?

The constant mindless scrolling can leave us all feeling burnt out and like we want to deactivate all personal social media accounts. But, is this doable when you work in marketing—or do you need an active presence there? Here's a social media experts advice on how to find balance.

16 Companies Committed to Career Growth

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Everything That’d Be Different if You Stopped Believing in a Linear Career Path

“We are suffering from the career myth—a delusional belief in the outdated idea of linear career progression,” researchers say. What if you changed your career path definition and stopped expecting a nice, neat road to speed down toward a fixed destination with no turnoffs or alternate routes?

How to Get (More) Comfortable Having Honest Conversations With Your Boss

Openly communicating with your boss can be intimidating, but it can also improve your relationship and enhance your performance within the workplace. Though these little chats may be awkward, they’re well worth the effort. Check out these tips for how to be more honest with your boss.

5 Clear Signs You’ve Improved More Than You Think

When you’ve had the same title for what feels like years, it’s easy to feel stuck in a rut. But I’m here to tell you that just because your title hasn’t changed doesn’t mean you’re not improving. Here are five signs you’re definitely ready to move up at work.

The Interview Questions You Need to Ask to Determine if an Employer Truly Values Volunteerism​

Here's the skinny on how to find out if the company you're interviewing with really values volunteerism.

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Building a good personal brand can set you up for a successful career, but you want to make sure you're always projecting your best self. That means everything from your bio to the content you post matters. So, is your personal brand in good shape or does it need some tuning? Here's how to tell.

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