Getting Fired From My First Job Led Me to Find My Career Path

Tristan Layfield was fired from his first job rather unfairly. But he didn't let this setback stop him—he went on to work in retail, then as a site specialist at a laboratory supply company, then as a project manager at IBM.

I Had to Take a Sabbatical to Find Direction in My Career

For Sabriya Stukes, graduating with her PhD should’ve been a happy day. She’d wanted to be a scientist since she was a kid. But she felt lost and her mental health at work took a hit. Here's her career journey and how she took a sabbatical to figure out her path.

I Got a Job I Love in Real Estate Without Meeting All the Qualifications

Taylor Haeffele thought being a dietitian was her dream role—that is, until it wasn't. Here's how she made the switch after several years to become a real estate specialist and used her transferable skills to land the job.

I’m a Project Manager at FabFitFun. Here’s What I Do Every Day

Ever wonder what a project manager for a merchandising team does? Read on for details from someone who does just that.

Volunteering Helped Me Figure Out What I Was Actually Passionate About

Jennifer Bangoura spent four years in the Peace Corps doing volunteer work in Africa. The work she did helped her uncover her true passion—helping people—and she's now a career services specialist at 2U, where she provides career development and education services to graduate students.

I Was Able to Combine My Passion for Religion and Content Into a Job I Love

Jesse Wisnewski is both the Senior Content Marketer at and the Founder of Stillhouse Marketing. In my interview with him, he shares how he was able to combine his passions into one career, his advice for making a career switch, and how you can step foot into the content world.

I’m a Showrunner’s Assistant—Here’s How I Broke Into the TV Industry

Ian Olympio is a showrunner’s assistant, but getting to this point wasn’t easy. As everyone says, breaking into the TV industry truly is tough. Here's Olympio's career path, as well as what it's like to work in showbiz.

Comedian Aparna Nancherla Is Proof You Can Be Shy and Still Thrive in the Spotlight

There’s a common misconception that shy people don’t like attention. But comedian and actor Aparna Nancherla proves otherwise. She gets up every day in front of hundreds of people and uses her shyness to propel her career.

This Is How I Ended Up Working for the New York Mets

Wade Graf, Senior Director of Group Sales for the New York Mets, never thought he’d work in sales. But he did know he wanted to work in professional sports. Here's how he ended up working in the MLB, and how he balances work and life with kids.

This Is How I Went From Being a Teacher to a UX Designer

Eva Penzeymoog—now a UX designer at 8th Light—never thought she’d end up in tech. She always thought she’d become a teacher, and that’s exactly where her career started. Here's how she made the switch by taking an immersive UX design class.