This Is How I Went From Being a Teacher to a UX Designer

Eva Penzeymoog—now a UX designer at 8th Light—never thought she’d end up in tech. She always thought she’d become a teacher, and that’s exactly where her career started. Here's how she made the switch by taking an immersive UX design class.

I’m a Wedding Planner, and Here’s What My Job’s Really Like

Jyl Deering, wedding planner and coordinator for Chancey Charm, worked in the hotel industry before getting into weddings. Here's what her day-to-day is like, what her responsibilities are, and her advice for breaking into this business.

I Started My Career in Fashion But Now I Work in Marketing

Caitlin Lyttle—Marketing Manager at Financial Gym—fell in love with fashion in high school. But after four years in the fashion world, she was ready for a change. After attending a networking event, she found the company she works for now. Here's her career story and what her job is like.

This 96-Year-Old High Schooler Proves It’s Never Too Late to Learn Something New

You’re never too old to learn something new. If Guadalupe Palacios can learn to read and write, finish primary and middle school, and enroll in high school—all as a nonagenarian—then you can branch out and explore new interests, even long after you thought you were done with school forever. Agreed?

I Used My Love for Cooking and Baking to Switch Careers Into Food Branding

Growing up, Elizabeth Tilton—Head of Brand at W&P—was a big foodie. Here's her career story, including how she broke into catering and became a chef for restaurants, and then used that experience to switch gears into food marketing.

My Job Is to Promote Diversity and Inclusion at a Major Company

Patsy Doerr—Global Head of Corporate Responsibility and Inclusion for Thomson Reuters—had every intention of becoming a doctor. But when she graduated college, she ended up in banking. Here's how she became a diversity and inclusion advocate at a major company, and what her job's like.

My Job Lets Me Follow My Two Passions: PR and Food

Kim Straus is a Public Relations (PR) Manager at HelloFresh, but she didn't start out in food—in fact, she's worked in fitness, footwear, and entertainment centers. Here's how she went from the PR agency world to being in-house, and what her day-to-day is like at her job.

I Got Rejected 4 Times Before Getting Into Veterinary School

I’ve heard that when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life, you should think back to what you enjoyed doing as a kid. This may not be true for everyone, but it certainly is for Paige Ganster, a full-time veterinarian student. Here's how she moved pass rejection to follow her dreams.

I’m a Voice-over Actor Who Found My Passion While Working in Sales

Matt Baker wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. While that didn't pan out, he's now a voice-over actor with a pretty cool job. Here's how he got his start, including his career in sales and the co-worker who referred him to Discovery to do voice-overs.

How I Landed a Job With Great Work-Life Balance

Today, we chatted with LaTanya Elam, a Public Health Financial Analyst with Graham Technologies. Graham Tech is a family-oriented business, so LaTanya is able to excel professionally and personally. Here's her story.