Getting Fired From My First Job Led Me to Find My Career Path

Tristan Layfield was fired from his first job rather unfairly. But he didn't let this setback stop him—he went on to work in retail, then as a site specialist at a laboratory supply company, then as a project manager at IBM.

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After Fighting Gender Discrimination, Lynn Povich Became Newsweek’s First Female Senior Editor

Lynn Povich was one of 46 women at Newsweek who became the first in media to sue for gender discrimination. She later became the magazine's first female senior editor and the only woman in the room at story and cover conferences.

Rich Donovan Proved Cerebral Palsy Wouldn’t Hold Him Back on Wall Street

Rich Donovan wanted to be a rocket scientist in high school, which probably would have been a more sensible career for someone with cerebral palsy than the one he ultimately chose: trader on Wall Street. He was the only trader at his firm on Wall Street with a visible disability, as far as he knew.

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Volunteering Helped Me Figure Out What I Was Actually Passionate About

Jennifer Bangoura spent four years in the Peace Corps doing volunteer work in Africa. The work she did helped her uncover her true passion—helping people—and she's now a career services specialist at 2U, where she provides career development and education services to graduate students.

3 Reasons That Job Wasn’t a Waste of Time, Even if Your Current One’s Completely Different

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