Ask a Career Changer: How Do I Pick a New Career Path When I Have Many Passions?

You know you want a change in your career. But, how can you settle on a new career path when you have numerous interests and passions? Take this career changer's advice to explore your options and settle on a next step that will leave you feeling fulfilled.

5 Famous People Who Made Surprising (and Inspiring) Career Changes

When you look at people who’ve achieved stunning success in their fields, it’s difficult to imagine that they weren’t always hurtling down those paths. But each of these five famous figures started off doing something else before making career changes.

I Transitioned Into the Civilian Workplace After 27 Years in the Military

Carlos Perez graduated from West Point and served for 27 years. After getting out of the military, he felt it was time to move on to something new. "This was the first time in a long time that what came next for me was completely wide open." Here's his advice for veterans returning to work.

I Became a Web Developer Despite Others Telling Me I Couldn’t

“You can’t be a programmer. You’re too creative.” Christine Beaubrun, a web developer at Crew, heard this from two different people when she first contemplated a career in tech. Here's how she managed to prove them wrong by joining a software engineering program and landing her current job.

An Inspirational Reminder That You’re Never “Too Old” to Change Careers

Why are we so resistant to the idea of pursuing a new career in our 40s? Or 50s? or 60s? Or later? The idea feels foreign, maybe a little uncomfortable, in a culture fascinated by child prodigies and constantly manufacturing 30-under-30 lists. But should it be? Charlotte Clymer says absolutely not.

Getting Fired From My First Job Led Me to Find My Career Path

Tristan Layfield was fired from his first job rather unfairly. But he didn't let this setback stop him—he went on to work in retail, then as a site specialist at a laboratory supply company, then as a project manager at IBM.

Ask a Credible Career Coach: How Do I Get Companies to Consider My Non-traditional Background?

Having to job hunt with nontraditional experience can be stressful. It's tough to know how to present yourself as a qualified fit for your dream job when your past roles are a little out of the box. Here's a career coach's advice on how you can leverage your differences to your advantage.

I Got a Job I Love in Real Estate Without Meeting All the Qualifications

Taylor Haeffele thought being a dietitian was her dream role—that is, until it wasn't. Here's how she made the switch after several years to become a real estate specialist and used her transferable skills to land the job.

What It’s Really Like to Couch Surf in LA While Searching for Jobs (and Going After My Dreams)

Couch surfing in Los Angeles while job searching is a lot like regular surfing: You need to maintain balance and flexibility if you're going to ride the wave. As someone who couch surfed while I searched for an entertainment job, I can tell you that it was worth it. If you’re anything like me and have felt trapped by where you are and what you’re doing, consider your options.

3 Things Every PhD Needs to Know About Getting a Job Outside Academia

OK, so you’re a PhD candidate who’s suddenly realized they don’t want to work in academia—and thinking about making the switch into a completely new role is giving you the sweats. Don't worry! Here's what you should know to change careers.