Adobe to Buy E-Commerce Firm Magento Commerce for $1.68 Billion

Adobe Systems Inc., the elder software-business statesman, is buying e-commerce firm Magento Commerce for $1.68 billion, adding a key piece to its platform

Uber’s New Rules on Arbitration for Sex-Related Claims Face First Test

A former Uber Technologies software engineer is suing the ride-hailing firm alleging years of sexual harassment, race discrimination and pay inequity, marking the first test of the company’s new policy for sex-related claims.

Pick Your Stock-Market Boom: Big Oil vs. Big Tech

There are two great times to make money in stock markets: the postcrash rebound and the end-of-cycle excess. Oil and technology fit the pattern perfectly in the past two years.

Why Auto Dealers Struggle to Explain Your Car’s Hi-Tech Safety Features

Most new cars nowadays can be outfitted with advanced safety gear, but salespeople often fail to pitch buyers on the benefits of these potentially lifesaving but costly features.

How HP Survives in a Shrinking PC Market

By focusing on sleeker designs and high-performance game machines, HP managed to boost revenue and gobble market share from smaller competitors even as the PC market shrank.

Boston Wants Amazon, but Is There Room?

The possible arrival of Amazon’s second headquarters in East Boston is triggering both hopes and apprehension in a neighborhood already dealing with fallout from surging costs in a growing city.

The Mystery of the $70 Hoodie That’s All Over Facebook

Welcome to dropshipping, where entrepreneurs use social-media and virtual storefronts to flip merchandise from online marketplaces like Alibaba’s AliExpress to customers paying premium prices.

The AI Doctor Will See You Now

Artificial intelligence in medicine promises to alert us to disease or a medical emergency before it happens—if only we can navigate the pitfalls.

Want to Invest in Jack Ma? Avoid Alibaba’s Rivals

Investors are being caught in the middle of China’s biggest business rivalry, as those looking to get in on a private fundraising by Jack Ma’s financial-technology firm must agree not to invest in companies controlled by major rivals like Tencent Holdings.

Data-Privacy Law Creates New Business for Tech Consultants

The European Union’s tough new data-protection law demands costly changes for many companies and opens rich business opportunities for others.