Andy Richter Agrees: Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Work Sink Is Rude

“It is astonishing to me that people I work with leave dirty dishes in the office kitchen sink for interns to do. Astonishing,” the writer and actor tweeted. “And by the way, WE HAVE A DISHWASHER.” What can you do when your co-workers are as stuck in their rude habits as the schmutz on that bowl?

Apple’s CEO Encourages Everyone to Speak Up at Work (and Elsewhere)

It’s incredibly easy to follow the status quo, but we have to try harder to do the difficult work. This was the theme of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s commencement speech at Duke University. Here's why you should question how things are done and speak up at work, even if it's scary to do so.

The Classic Career Advice You Shouldn’t Forget, According to Oprah

Oprah threw out some serious wisdom to the 2018 class at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism’s recent commencement ceremony. Here's her number one tip for graduates—and everyone else, too—for having a successful career (not quite unlike her own).

Dear High-Achievers: You Won’t Always Get What You Deserve

Think you'll always get what you deserve? That's often not the case. So much of success is actually attributable to luck, as opposed to just skill or work ethic. Here's how one person learned that lesson the hard way—and moved on from it even better than before.

How Everyone Can Make Work Better for Women, According to Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama knows we have a long way to go before racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination disappear from American society—and from our offices. Obama recently shared some of her hopes—and some concrete advice—at The United State of Women Summit 2018 in Los Angeles.

Surviving Unemployment When You’ve Got Kids, According to Someone Who Did

Unemployment’s stressful under any circumstances, but when you’re a parent, it becomes even more challenging for all the obvious reasons. When my husband and I were laid off within six weeks of each other, we quickly found out how hard it could be to put on a brave face for the kids.

You Need to Enter This Contest if You’ve Ever Thought About Hosting a Podcast

Squarespace and Gimlet Creative are running a contest in May where you can enter to host and produce your own mini-series podcast. So, if that's ever been your dream, this is a great way to pick up a side gig you've been dying to start.

36 Obvious Signs That You Just Threw Your Presentation Together

Ever pulled a presentation together for work at the last minute? Yeah, well it’s probably a lot more obvious than you think. Here are the signs you’re not as prepared as you said you were.

Why Some Companies Still Tell You What You Can (and Can’t) Wear to Work

Recently, I started wondering: What’s the deal with work clothes? Where did “business casual” come from? And on the flip side, what makes certain companies stick to formal dress codes? So, I decided to investigate—here's the history behind them, and why they still exist.

5 Highlights of My Workday That Would Horrify My 15-Year-Old Self

Getting excited over a spreadsheet obviously got me thinking about what else would horrify my teenage self about my life now, specifically my average workday at the office. What mundane things truly make me happy now?