Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Do I Re-apply for a Position I Didn’t Get the First Time?

You've noticed that your dream company is hiring again—for the same position you didn't get when you applied last time. You're left wondering: Should you re-apply for a job with a company that previously rejected you? And, if so, what's the best way to do it? Here's an HR professional's advice.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Should I Talk to My Boss About Moving Into a Leadership Role?

You've decided you want to move into a leadership role, but you're unsure of how to bring it up to your boss in a way that makes you look qualified, rather than pushy. Here's how to have that conversation in a way that's productive and professional.

Ask a Credible Career Coach: How Can I Prove My Value When Changing Industries?

You have a lot of skills and experience under your belt. But, when you're changing industries, it can be tough to showcase your skills and set yourself up as a no-brainer fit for that open role. A career coach explains how you can prove your value—even when you're making a change.

Ask a Credible Career Coach: Why Aren’t I Hearing Back About the Jobs I’m Applying for?

You feel like you're doing everything right, yet you still aren't hearing back about jobs you're applying for. What gives? We asked a real career coach, and she dished out the advice you need to stand out from the competition and increase your chances of landing an interview.

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Do I Ask a Former Boss to Be My Mentor?

When it comes to finding a mentor, a former manager could be a suitable choice. But, how do you go about popping that nerve-wracking question? Take this HR professionals advice to approach your past boss in a way that's way less awkward than you're anticipating.

Ask a Real Recruiter: Should I Express My Interest Even When a Company Isn’t Hiring?

There's a place you'd love to work, but that company isn't hiring for a position that's a fit for you right now. Should you still reach out to express your interest in working there? Here's what you need to know about wiggling your foot in the door when there isn't currently a role for you.

Ask a Professional Remote Worker: How Can I Bond With My Team When I’m Remote?

There are plenty of perks related to being a remote worker. However, it also makes it challenging to connect with your boss and your colleagues on a more personal level. Here are a few tips to forge a great relationship with your team—even when you don't work in the same office.

Ask an Honest HR Professional: How Do I Deal When I Was Job Catfished?

Your new job catfished you. Now what? It's frustrating when the job you were presented and the job you end up with are totally different. Fortunately, you can react in a way that is still productive and professional. Here are the steps to take when you feel misled.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Can I Encourage More Consistent Work From My Employee?

Your direct report is struggling to turn in consistent work. Some projects are stellar, while others are shoddy at best. What can you do? Here are some tips to implement to encourage that employee to turn in the consistently solid work you know they can produce.

Ask a Credible Career Coach: Should I Re-attach My Resume When Following Up on a Job?

You know that you should follow up in order to express your interest in a specific position. But, should you re-attach your resume when doing so? Or, does that seem presumptuous? Here's a career coach's advice on whether or not you should re-send your resume when you check in.