Ask a Candid Boss: What Should I Do if I Don’t Like Being a Manager?

You were promoted to a leadership role and it's the first time you're in charge of people. There's only one problem: You've realized you don't like being a manager. Now what? Do you step down and stomach the pay cut? Or can you make this work for you? Here's the advice you need.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Should I Talk to My Boss About Moving Into a Leadership Role?

You've decided you want to move into a leadership role, but you're unsure of how to bring it up to your boss in a way that makes you look qualified, rather than pushy. Here's how to have that conversation in a way that's productive and professional.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Can I Encourage More Consistent Work From My Employee?

Your direct report is struggling to turn in consistent work. Some projects are stellar, while others are shoddy at best. What can you do? Here are some tips to implement to encourage that employee to turn in the consistently solid work you know they can produce.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Can I Build a Radically Candid Team Culture?

Want to build a radically candid culture on your team? A culture where people respect each other, yet are still willing to challenge each other when necessary? Implement these steps to build a radically candid team culture that you can be proud of.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Do I Play Nice With the Other Managers at Work?

When you're a leader, needing to work with other managers can be a challenge. Here are some tips to successfully work cross-functionally. It won't only help you reach your goals faster, but also show off your leadership and communication skills.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Can I Provide Feedback When My Employee Gets So Defensive?

As a manager, offering feedback is challenging. But, especially when you're dealing with a defensive employee. Here's how to get through.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Do I Deal With My Entire Team Wanting to Take the Holidays Off?

You're getting tons of vacation requests from your team, but the work still needs to get done. Here's how to handle employee asking for the same time off.

Ask a Candid Boss: How Can I Compete With a Work Martyr?

Having a successful career can be hard enough without having to compete with a work martyr. Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor, weighs in on what to do.

Ask a Candid Boss: Can Managers Be Friends With Their Employees?

While good bosses should strive to have a deep, human relationship with their employees, the truth is the manager-employee relationship isn't a friendship.