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New York Entrepreneurs: Nominate Your Company for The Resilience Awards

Your chance to spotlight yourself or someone you know who defines what it means to be an entrepreneurial warrior.

Co-Working Space Alley Expands to New York University

The New York City-based startup is teaming up with NYU to support education entrepreneurship and education technologies at the college.

Accelerating LinkedIn’s Vision Through Innovation

This morning, I joined our CEO Jeff Weiner on stage to share how we are accelerating our vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce (watch the recorded livestream). Over the last year, our product and engineering teams have rebuilt and in some cases, completely overhauled, our core member experiences, with the goal of helping our 450+ million members get the most value they can from LinkedIn. We want all of our members to use LinkedIn to be productive and...


Gender Equality and Fair Pay Matter

This morning, LinkedIn joined 28 other companies in signing the White House Equal Pay Pledge - a visible commitment to do our part to close the national pay gap. Despite decades of research, work and laws to correct the gap in salaries, full-time working women in the United States today earn only 79 percent of men’s wages. We agree that companies need to step forward and play an active role in helping to close that gap. Although these 28+ companies are a start, we won’t be enough. LinkedIn’s...


LinkedIn ProFinder Expands Nationwide to Help You Hire Freelancers

The freelance economy is on the rise. In fact, the number of freelancers on LinkedIn has grown by nearly 50% in just the past five years. As the workforce evolves, we, too, are evolving to ensure we’re creating opportunity for the expanding sector of professionals looking for independent, project-based work in place of the typical 9 to 5 profession. Last October, we began piloting a brand new platform in support of this very endeavor and today, we’re excited to announce its nationwide...


Your LinkedIn Feed is Coming to Life with Videos from LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn has become the destination to hear from many of the most influential global voices on news and topics affecting the professional world today. From issues like Brexit to the business impact of Pokémon Go, the opinions shared here have generated millions of conversations across LinkedIn -- with many of those taking place in the LinkedIn Feed. Over the past few months, we’ve worked hard to make your feed a valuable resource for dynamic conversations, professional news and stories.

Today your LinkedIn Feed will come to life in a whole new way with the introduction of 30-second videos from LinkedIn Influencers. For the first time, we’ve invited more than 500 Influencers on LinkedIn to share their thoughts on trending professional topics and news, ranging from diversity and workplace culture, to education and innovation -- all through the richness of video.  

Curious to get tips from Naomi Simson and Guy Kawasaki on how to ace your next pitch? Or perhaps you’d like to hear from KIPP co-founder Mike Feinberg and edX CEO Anant Agarwal about how they think colleges should measure success. With videos like these, you’ll get an intimate look at where they work and hear their honest thoughts on topics central to the professional world, such as these videos from Reid Hoffman, Leila Janah, and Tomasz Tunguz on how artificial intelligence will change the workplace.

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When an Influencer you follow posts a video, that video will appear directly in your feed. From there, you can dive in to see what other Influencers have to say about that topic, weigh in with a comment, and respond to comments from other members.

While the ability to create video content is currently only available to Influencers, anyone can follow an Influencer at any time to engage with their content, either from their profile, the feed, or their video. We encourage you to share your thoughts by commenting on videos and inviting others to join the conversation by sharing the videos with your network.  By doing so, you have the opportunity to engage more deeply with the people and topics that matter in your industry.

LinkedIn Unveils the List of Companies Where Members Want to Work Now

We just unveiled LinkedIn Top Attractors. It’s the first-ever list that ranks the most sought-after companies by professionals in the world right now based on the billions of actions taken on LinkedIn by our 433+ million members.

Topping the U.S. list is Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Apple and Amazon. It’s no secret that competition to work at a Top Attractor is stiff, so you may be wondering how you can stand out amongst the sea of applicants at these sought-after companies. Here is some helpful advice from the companies on the list about what they look for during the hiring process.

Understand the company and express your passion.

Across the board, the companies on the list want candidates to be passionate about their brand and mission. Airbnb wants team players who use their service. If you’ve never stayed at an Airbnb, make sure you do so prior to applying. Before you interview at Netflix, binge watch season two of Bloodline. To learn more about their cultures and what’s important to these companies, follow them on LinkedIn.

Be true to yourself

Time and time again, these companies told us they aren’t looking for candidates who fit a certain mold because they value employees with diverse skillsets and personalities. “We don't hire for ‘culture fit,’ we hire for ‘culture add,’" said Pandora. “We want our employees to bring their own unique, individual perspective to Pandora, rather than have them blend in with the pack.” A good way to showcase your personality is by publishing on LinkedIn and sharing your point of view on industry trends and news in today’s professional world. Also, make sure your LinkedIn profile reflects your personality, aspirations and skills; starting with a good photo, which is like a virtual handshake.

Think ahead and be organized for job interviews.

While it may seem obvious, many candidates aren’t thinking ahead. The companies on the list reinforced the importance of being prepared and doing your homework. Make sure you know your professional narrative cold. Salesforce told us that the best candidates “enthusiastically express what makes [them] tick… and align [that] with the company’s mission.” An easy way to get in right mindset is to read up on the company, see what LinkedIn Influencers in the industry are talking about and read what employees are sharing and posting.

Find out what open positions are currently available at the companies on the Top Attractors list by searching for jobs on LinkedIn. To learn more about these companies and why they are sought after, visit the Top Attractors.

*While we are thrilled that many people want to work with us at LinkedIn, we have removed ourselves from consideration for The LinkedIn Top Attractors list as we do with all other lists in the editorial franchise. The list still features Microsoft and was finalized prior to the announcement on June 13, 2016 that Microsoft intends to acquire LinkedIn. We will re-evaluate Microsoft’s inclusion in the future.

Microsoft and LinkedIn: Together Changing the Way the World Works

Today we are excited to share that LinkedIn has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Microsoft. We are joining forces with Microsoft to realize a common mission to empower people and organizations. LinkedIn’s vision – to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce – is not changing and our members still come first.

Our companies are the world’s leading professional cloud and network. This deal will allow us to keep growing, investing in and innovating on LinkedIn to drive value for our members and our customers. Our members will continue to develop their skills, find a job and be great at that job, using our platform. We will continue to help our customers hire top talent, market their brand, and sell to their customers.

The LinkedIn you know and value is only getting better. LinkedIn will retain its distinct brand, culture and independence. We’ve been changing the way the world’s professionals have connected to opportunity for 13 years, and this is an opportunity for us to truly change the way the world works on a massive scale.

I’m incredibly energized by what this means for our members and employees, and for my personal perspective on this news, I encourage you to read my Influencer post. You can find more details on the agreement on the Microsoft News Center and the LinkedIn Newsroom.

Additional Information and Where to Find It

In connection with the transaction described above, LinkedIn Corporation (the “Company”) will file relevant materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), including a proxy statement on Schedule 14A. Promptly after filing its definitive proxy statement with the SEC, the Company will mail the definitive proxy statement and a proxy card to each stockholder entitled to vote at the special meeting relating to the transaction. INVESTORS AND SECURITY HOLDERS OF THE COMPANY ARE URGED TO READ THESE MATERIALS (INCLUDING ANY AMENDMENTS OR SUPPLEMENTS THERETO) AND ANY OTHER RELEVANT DOCUMENTS IN CONNECTION WITH THE TRANSACTION THAT THE COMPANY WILL FILE WITH THE SEC WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE BECAUSE THEY WILL CONTAIN IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY AND THE TRANSACTION. The definitive proxy statement, the preliminary proxy statement and other relevant materials in connection with the transaction (when they become available), and any other documents filed by the Company with the SEC, may be obtained free of charge at the SEC’s website ( or at LinkedIn’s website ( or by writing to LinkedIn Corporation, Investor Relations, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, California 94043.

The Company and its directors and executive officers are participants in the solicitation of proxies from the Company’s stockholders with respect to the transaction. Information about the Company’s directors and executive officers and their ownership of the Company’s common stock is set forth in the Company’s proxy statement on Schedule 14A filed with the SEC on April 22, 2016. To the extent that holdings of the Company’s securities have changed since the amounts printed in the Company’s proxy statement, such changes have been or will be reflected on Statements of Change in Ownership on Form 4 filed with the SEC. Information regarding the identity of the participants, and their direct or indirect interests in the transaction, by security holdings or otherwise, will be set forth in the proxy statement and other materials to be filed with SEC in connection with the transaction.

Job Seekers, Knowledge Is Power And So Is Your Network

Attention all job seekers: we’ve just added even more personalized insights to LinkedIn Jobs to highlight your key connections at a company and help you rise to the top of that stack of resumes.

In today’s world of ubiquitous online job postings, it’s no longer about finding jobs, but finding the right job and leveraging your competitive edge to land it, once you do. Do you have connections at the company? Does the company typically hire from your alma mater or current company? This is the type of insider intel that can make all the difference as you’re navigating your job search. With that in mind, we are saying goodbye to the static, one-dimensional jobs boards for good and continuing to build our new job seeking experience, which surfaces network-driven data to help you search and apply smarter.

Last December, we unveiled brand new insights on LinkedIn job postings, spotlighting your connections at a hiring company, the team you might work with if you get the job as well as the company’s growth and hiring trends. Today, we’re extending these types of insights across our Jobs ecosystem to ensure you’re seeing your “in” front and center as you search and browse job opportunities.

According to a 2015 LinkedIn survey, 40% of job changers were hired at a company where they had at least one connection. Now, at a glance, you can see how you are connected to a company including your connections as well as fellow school alumni and company alumni at the company.

We know the application process can, at times, feel like an opaque and mysterious undertaking. With our new Premium insights, we aim to bring more transparency to the process and empower you on your journey with two crucial recommendations personalized just to you: the jobs and companies where your competitive edge stands out most.

Know When You Have the Upper Hand. Now, when you open your LinkedIn Jobs homepage, we’ll recommend any jobs for which our data signals you’d be in the top 50% of applicants, based on the role and the experience and skills listed on your profile.

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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize. We will also highlight companies that are growing quickly for professions similar to yours based on company hiring trends over the past 12 months.

  • Fastest Growing

Knowing a job’s description is no longer enough, you need competitive intel to ensure you’re standing out from what is typically a very crowded applicant pool. These new insights aim to help you do just that.  

We look forward to continuing this journey toward providing a first-of-its-kind experience for job seekers across the globe. Ultimately, we strive to serve as your personal job seeking concierge - surfacing and organizing the jobs, companies and other relevant information you need in order to find and land the job of your dreams.