I Had to Take a Sabbatical to Find Direction in My Career

For Sabriya Stukes, graduating with her PhD should’ve been a happy day. She’d wanted to be a scientist since she was a kid. But she felt lost and her mental health at work took a hit. Here's her career journey and how she took a sabbatical to figure out her path.

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Fact: Figuring out how to talk to non-academic audiences about the skills you’ve gained through your PhD program is tough. But you do have a lot of skills through earning a PhD, and now it’s time to figure out what they are and how to present them to a hiring manager.

9 Great Resources That Help PhD Students Transition Into the Workforce

Fewer than one in 200 PhD graduates become professors—and most will spend upwards of a decade in temporary postdoc positions. Want career alternatives? These nine websites should help you do your research, explore different paths, and learn from others in the same position as you.

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