3 Things You Need to Remember When Your Co-workers Are Driving You Insane

We all have to deal with annoying co-workers from time to time. But, rather than getting bent out of shape, why not remind yourself of the positive things about them? Here are three important reminders to lift your spirits in those moments when you're extra frustrated with your colleagues.

How to Backtrack on a Promise to a Client (Without Losing Their Trust)

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11 Surprising Reasons Your Well-written Email Will End Up in Spam

Email spam filters are great. They keep already-bursting inboxes clear from scammers, advertisements for questionable medication, and a whole slew of other messages you’d rather not have to sort through. But they can also catch real, important things. Here are a few known traps you can avoid.

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The Best Way to Ask Your Boss for Regular Check-ins (Template Included!)

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My Illness Inspired Me to Launch 2 Organizations Dedicated to Helping Others

At just 15 years old, Roxanne Black-Weisheit was diagnosed with Lupus. At 42, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Black-Weisheit has overcome extensive adversity, but it's only made her stronger and more driven. Here's how she launched not one, but two nonprofits helping people with illnesses.

Here’s How You Answer the Illegal “What’s Your Current Salary” Question

The laws, meant to curb discrimination against historically underpaid groups, could help anyone who feels they were paid unfairly in a previous role. But we all know that just because it's illegal doesn’t mean it won't come up. So what can you do if you get the salary history question anyway?