Sharp Sees Salvation in Appliances

The recovery plan for troubled Japanese electronics maker Sharp: Become a major global appliance maker under the wing of its Taiwanese parent, Foxconn Technology Group.

Amazon’s Brush With $1,000 Signals the Death of the Stock Split

Stock splits, once considered a way to keep shares affordable for mom-and-pop investors, are rare today as companies aspire to new heights.

Wall Street’s Message to CEOs: Innovate Now

Wall Street, long obsessed with quarterly profits, has a message for chief executives of big established companies: Pick up the pace of innovation and make riskier bets sooner.

Startup’s Rocket Reaches Space, but Falls Short of Orbit

RocketLab, a startup widely seen as a trailblazer for frequent, ultralow-cost access to space, failed to reach orbit on its first flight.

Ford Lures Engineer Back From Uber

Ford Motor Co. has wooed back a senior engineer who left the auto maker to develop autonomous vehicles at Uber Technologies Inc.

Take-Two Needs ‘Grand Theft Auto’ to Keep on Rolling

Delay of “Red Dead Redemption 2” means a four-year old blockbuster will need to keep selling.

Appian Shares Leap 35% After IPO

Shares of Appian Corp., a maker of software for developing enterprise applications, jumped 35% to $16.22 after its initial public offering Thursday.

Best Buy Defies Slump in Retail

Best Buy, the electronics giant left for dead a few years ago, is bucking America’s retail slump by turning its cavernous stores from a potential drag on its business into a way to fend off Amazon.

A Quant Program Is the Reason You Just Bought That ETF

At the exact moment a mom-and-pop investor considers buying bank stocks, an ad pops up on their desktop promoting a financials-focused fund. Beyond investing, firms also are using computer programs to woo retail investors.

Does Facebook Make Us Unhappy And Unhealthy?

Susan Pinker looks at new research that suggests Facebook makes us unhappy and unhealthy.