When “Living for the Weekend” Is a Huge Red Flag

Work will never be simple, sometimes you’ll have bad days (even bad weeks), and yes, sometimes you’ll live for the weekend. And that’s because weekends are great. But here are four signs your love for weekends is probably a sign you should look for other jobs.

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3 Ways to Figure Out if You’re Babysitting Your Team or Managing Them

Sometimes, being the boss can make you feel like you’re a babysitter and your employees are just people you need to keep alive and happy for set amounts of time. So how do you determine if you’re managing or babysitting your team? Here are three signs to look out for.

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4 Phrases to Shut Down Unsolicited Advice From Your Co-workers

Sometimes we want advice from our colleagues. Other times, we desperately want them to stop talking, leave us alone, and trust us to handle things on our own. Yelling at them to shut up probably won’t do you any favors, nor will ignoring the situation. Instead, try these four phrases on for size.