Tuesday Tips: How to Be a Job Search Ninja on LinkedIn

We’ve talked about rockin’ your profile, interview prep and the stealth job search, now let’s talk about how to use the next level job search tools for your job hunt. We’ve got more than 10 million jobs on LinkedIn, so knowing how to filter them down to find the right job for you is important! 1. Find that needle in the haystack. If you’re looking for something specific, make sure to narrow down your desired title and location when searching for … [Read More...]

Why and Why-Not Blogging for Business

  Aliens would probably come to Earth in peace, quantum physicist Jim Al-Khalili assures readers in his book Aliens, proceeding to bust no fewer than five commonly held myths-from-the-movies about encounters with visitors from other planets. The author uses scientific knowledge to debunk each myth: Aliens will eat us. No, because, in order for them to process our molecules of amino acids and sugars, they’d need to have a biochemistry similar … [Read More...]

Taking ‘Focus on Users’ Advice Can Kill Your SEO Traffic

Why it's critical to keep your technical SEO in check when making user experience improvements. … [Read More...]

And How Does that Make You Feel? Measuring Emotions in CX

We all know that the human experience is rife with emotional ups and downs. You've probably experienced more emotions so far today than we could even count: angry while commuting, relieved (or stressed?) when finally entering the office, frustrated when you spilled your coffee on your brand-new white shirt (exasperated that of course you chose today out of all days to wear your new shirt), surprised yet thankful that you actually had your … [Read More...]

Does your company have a “values operating system”?

I interviewed a key leader in a client organization recently. She was tired. Her six-member team has been running shorthanded over the past year. They have three open positions. “Everyone is running hard. The workload just doesn’t let up,” she told me. “We don’t get any recognition for the extra work everyone is doing,” she said. “We feel like cogs in a wheel. No one is paying any attention to us.” This leader and team are experiencing the … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

This Old School Hedge Fund Is Going Quant

Magnetar Capital began a billion-dollar quantitative effort six years ago to help the $13.5 billion firm buck a hedge-fund massacre waylaying its peers and set to rest memories of its controversial subprime-housing investments during the financial crisis.

J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler Confesses: I Underestimated How Tech Would Upend Retail

The retail legend didn’t understand how speed and price would drive internet shoppers. After 10 quarters of falling sales, the brand wants to create a more accessible image and add digital marketing.

Venture Funds Flood Startups With Cash

Investments in first quarter rose 37% from the previous period, to $14.5 billion. Social Finance pulled in $500 million.

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