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Privacy and Data Protection Review of LinkedIn Ireland: Some New Features To Know About

At LinkedIn, we are grateful for the trust of our members.  We believe that trust is earned by taking privacy and security seriously every day and by being transparent with you about how we use your personal data. LinkedIn recognizes the Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) as our lead regulator on data protection and privacy practices in Europe. The IDPC came to us in 2013 with a request to review our practices in these areas. … [Read More...]

Blog Wisdom from Roman Times

Trivia are hardly trivial when it comes to triggering business blog content ideas. That’s why, when I find interesting trivia in books, magazines, or ads, I like to share them with you Say It For You blog readers. After all, it’s a hard job continually coming up with fresh content; interesting tidbits of information make things a little bit easier on busy business owners and on freelance content writers like us. Of course, stocking up on ideas … [Read More...]

Avoid These 5 Customer Care Traps

Recognize your company's approach to clients and the potential pitfalls your business can fall into. Develop a strategy in response. … [Read More...]

Did 2014’s Marketing Predictions Come True? (Infographic)

A look back at some of the top predictions of the year, and whether they were accurate. … [Read More...]

Entrepreneur’s 10 Most Popular Leadership Stories of 2014

What makes a great leader? These articles can point you in the right direction. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Google Sues Mississippi Over Campaign to Restrict Searches

Google Inc. sued Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood on Friday, seeking to prevent him from enforcing a wide-ranging subpoena that has become entangled in a dispute between Google and Hollywood.

Are You Sure You Want to Use Email?

Devastating leaks from Sony’s computer systems have dramatized the risks of storing corporate email for extended periods. Some people in Silicon Valley wonder if it is time to rethink that practice.

Staples: Data Breach Exposes Million Cards

Staples said criminals stole personal information from as many as 1.16 million payment cards during the back-to-school shopping season from stores across the country.

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