LinkedIn ProFinder Expands Nationwide to Help You Hire Freelancers

The freelance economy is on the rise. In fact, the number of freelancers on LinkedIn has grown by nearly 50% in just the past five years. As the workforce evolves, we, too, are evolving to ensure we’re creating opportunity for the expanding sector of professionals looking for independent, project-based work in place of the typical 9 to 5 profession. Last October, we began piloting a brand new platform in support of this very endeavor and today, … [Read More...]

No Need for Those Serious, Sometimes Fatal Effects

“In recent months, the FDA has been talking with drugmakers, medical groups and consumer groups about ways to make (pharmaceutical) ads clearer and drive home the most important safety risks,” reports the Chicago Tribune on August 11th. As an example, reporter John Russell talks about Humira, the best-selling drug in the world, made by AbbVie of North Chicago.  While the video portion of the ad portrays an attractive, self-confident woman leading … [Read More...]

The 6 Musts of a Successful Holiday Marketing Campaign

Want to get ahead on the holiday season? Start putting a lot of thought into your upcoming campaigns. … [Read More...]

When to use journey maps

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the ways in which a customer interacts with a company, a product, or service. Here are some reasons to use a Journey Map: To set the foundation for the customer experience strategy To align internal perspectives to external perceptions To establish viable goals To identify and prioritize gaps in your ability to deliver the desired customer experience To creates a unified vision To … [Read More...]

5 Mindset Changes Talented People Have to Make When They’re Promoted

Being a boss requires a different set of expectations and responsibilities than being a leader does. Here's what you should do to excel as a leader. … [Read More...]

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A Physicist’s Nightmare of the Void

An attempt to explain the origins of the universe leads to a haunting vision of nothingness.

America’s Biggest Banks Have a New Name for Their Venmo-Killer: Zelle

The nation’s banks plan to name their reinvigorated person-to-person payment service “Zelle” and aim to launch the new brand at a payments-industry conference in October, according to people familiar with the matter.

Why Twitter Can’t Shake Its Harassment Problem

Twitter has been trying to shake its reputation as a haven for harassment, but the company’s own design can magnify events, and its rules and response tactics are inconsistent.

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