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Bringing the Power of LinkedIn Into Your Yahoo! Mail Experience

Wouldn’t it be great to learn a bit more about the people you’re emailing with every day so you can be more productive? Starting today, you can. When you sync your LinkedIn and Yahoo Mail accounts, you’ll have direct access to helpful information about your colleagues or new partners and customers who are emailing you – you’ll see their LinkedIn profile photo, company and job title – all from right within Yahoo Mail. Through our partnership and … [Read More...]

3 Reasons Fake Fans Cause Real Problems for Businesses

While building a social media following with click farms can be enticing, entrepreneurs need to understand the implications they can have. … [Read More...]

How VCs Value Companies

How do you measure the value of a pre-revenue company? Here's a bit of insight. … [Read More...]

Make Wellness the True Aim of Your Marketing

The true aim of marketing is not to sell stuff, but rather to create balance and wellness for people. … [Read More...]

5 Reasons Leaders Should Follow the Example of Tyler Durden From ‘Fight Club’

To be sure, I'm not advocating becoming a cult leader who advocates acts of domestic terrorism. … [Read More...]

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WhatsApp Hits 800 Million Users — 1 Billion by Year-End?

WhatsApp now has 800 million monthly active users, continuing a pace of growth that may put the mobile messaging app on track to hit one billion users later this year.

Nathalie Cabrol Looks for Life on Mars

The planetary scientist from the SETI Institute hunts for signs of microbial life on Mars—and imagines humans living there one day.

Vessel Raises More Cash to Battle YouTube

Web-video startup Vessel has raised a fresh $57.5 million to help fund its war with YouTube.

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