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Celebrating LinkedIn’s Women in Tech and Mentorship at Grace Hopper 2015

While the gender imbalance in the tech industry is prevalent, watching women come together and commit to making change is inspiring. That’s why LinkedIn is sending 100+ of our women software engineers, designers, and product managers – along with several of our male leaders – to the Grace Hopper Conference in Houston. I can’t help but feel energized by these women who are the driving force behind our employee-led Women in Tech … [Read More...]

How to Make Both Spontaneity and Planned Posts Work on Social Media

Social-media marketing is a tough discipline to master, because it makes two demands of marketers that seem to contradict each other. … [Read More...]

17 Free Online Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog to 1 Million Visitors

And what's their price, you ask? How about . . . free? … [Read More...]

Six characteristics of effective Customer Experience

Companies that set the bar for creating effective customer experiences share many characteristics: Create a customer-centric experience that surrounds their products, services, and processes Develop and protect a culture that places high value on the customer Design products and services to meet the customer’s current and future needs Establish customer-focused processes that promote the ease of doing business Know … [Read More...]

Self-management Is the other half of self-awareness

Everyone says self-awareness is essential to effective leadership. It is, but there is another aspect to awareness that may be equally compelling and sadly overlooked. It’s self-management. It’s one thing to know yourself. We know what we do well. Yay! That’s why we are so good at what we do. We may even know what we are not so good at it so we ignore it. Boo! That can hurt us. Enter self-management. Self-management is a form of self-control. We … [Read More...]

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TV Trouble for Millions as Dish, Tegna Hit Stalemate

A contract dispute between satellite broadcaster Dish and TV-station operator Tegna has left millions of subscribers without programming from the major broadcast networks.

Uber vs. the New Taxi-Hailing Apps

After years of lobbying to stop the growth of Uber, New York’s yellow-taxi industry has jumped into the digital-hailing game with two new apps, Way2ride and Arro. Anne Kadet takes them for a spin.

Twitter Said to Cut Jobs With Dorsey at the Helm

Staff cuts are reportedly coming to Twitter.

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