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Are You Stuck in a Dead-end Job? LinkedIn Can Help You.

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Not making the money you deserve? Just need a change but afraid your boss will find out if you start looking for a new job? LinkedIn to the rescue! Obviously, you don’t want to use words like seeking, pursuing or looking in your LinkedIn profile—that’s the quickest way to the unemployment line. But sprucing up your profile, joining the right groups, and “following” companies you’d like to work for are a few of the … [Read More...]

Wish-List-With-Walls Blogging for Business

“Basically, we’re a wish list with walls” is Silver in the City jewelry boutique’s self-description in its Nuvo ad. Great line! For the few seconds it takes for the reader to figure out the meaning of that statement, it forces engagement. As a business blogging trainer, one of the points I often stress is one I learned from my speaker friend Dick Wolfsie. In order for a joke to be funny, explains Wolfsie, the person listening to the joke or … [Read More...]

Which Business Structure Is Right for You?

Find out the essentials of the different legal business structures you can choose for your new business. … [Read More...]

6 Steps to a Dynamic Multichannel Marketing Strategy That Gets Results

Deep metrics and a focus on customer engagement are the keys for building solid, sustainable growth and industry leadership. … [Read More...]

4 Personality Traits That Make You an Effective Leader

In business and in life, here are characteristics that will help you get ahead and inspire others. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

T-Mobile Boosts Subscriber Growth Outlook

T-Mobile US boosted its subscriber outlook for the year on Tuesday, as investments in customer growth pay off for the wireless carrier.

Google Offers €150 Million Olive Branch to European Publishers

Google said Tuesday it would spend €150 million ($164 million) in Europe on grants for digital journalism experimentation, amid increasing tensions with EU regulators and publishers.

Tidal’s New CEO Is Confident Jay Z’s Music Streaming Service Will Take Off

Tidal CEO Peter Tonstad says that with exclusive content and offline gigs, Jay Z’s music-streaming company has a good chance of taking on well-funded rivals.

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