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Are You Kidding? You Want to Join My LinkedIn Network?

People frequently ask me what they should do when people they don’t know invite them to connect on LinkedIn. This will begin to happen with greater frequency as you become more active on LinkedIn, especially if you decide to join larger groups. Some people assume that because you’re members of the same group, you will want to connect with them on the first-degree level. To see who wants to join your network, click the Add People icon on the … [Read More...]

The Must-Use Guide for Creating the Perfect Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar can not only help you visualize all your planned posts for the next weeks ahead but also help you craft posts in advance. … [Read More...]

Stress Literally Shrinks Your Brain. Here are 7 Ways To Reverse This Effect.

Here are strategies you can use to fix the damage and how to get your stress under control. … [Read More...]

9 Steps for Sticking With Your Marketing Plan

Following these steps throughout the year will help you keep your marketing on track and your business growing. … [Read More...]

Why emotional intelligence matters

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” ~Dale Carnegie Chip Kelly caught the NFL by storm when he took over as Philadelphia Eagles head coach before the 2013 season following a successful run in college. Less than three years later, a perceived lack of emotional intelligence on Kelly’s part was largely to blame for his firing with one game left on the Eagles’ regular … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Google Defends U.K. Tax Settlement Before Lawmakers

Executives for Alphabet’s Google business defended their settlement with the U.K.’s tax authority before a panel of British lawmakers Thursday, trying to stanch criticism of a deal that critics say let the search giant off too lightly.

Qualcomm Announces First Gigabit Cellular Chip

Qualcomm Inc. on Thursday plans to announce a cellular chip that can transmit a billion bits of data a second, hoping to bring mobile users speed comparable to today’s most advanced wired services.

Zynga Posts Strong Bookings on Slots, Words With Friends Games

Zynga reported fourth-quarter results at the top end of its expectations, driven largely by strength in its Slots and Words with Friends games, though the game developer continues to bleed users.

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