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2015: A Look Ahead with LinkedIn’s Technical Women Leaders

LinkedIn’s mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful, so it’s no surprise that, as employees, we are always thinking about what’s next in our career. As 2014 comes to a close, I stopped to reflect on the year and to think about what career goals are most important for me in the year ahead. I realized they really boil down to two key priorities: build amazing new experiences … [Read More...]

OPA for Blog Content Writing – A

It’s a principle used by many to build financial success – OPM. The idea: we’re not limited by our own resources, because we can use Other People’s Money. Even if we lack the financial resources to take advantage of business opportunities, explains Michael Lechter of PowerHomeBiz.com , OPM makes moving forward possible. I like to use that same principle in blogging for business, except the resources involve other people’s advice, or OPA. This … [Read More...]

What the Future of Fitness Trackers Looks Like

Experts say to expect only more sophistication as the technology evolves. … [Read More...]

Roles to help unravel Big Data

Companies today are challenged with having an overabundance of information about their customers. Managing and obtaining insights from Big Data involves multiple roles. Solution Seeker: This is the champion or person who is seeking an answer to a specific business question. Liaison: This person has an intimate understanding of how the work gets done. Customer Representative: Generally this is the customer experience professional who … [Read More...]

Injecting a new culture — and quickly

When I took over ACAM Advisors in early 2003, investment returns had been below average for several years, and two important clients had recently defected. The majority owners hinted to me that, in their view, layoffs might be in order. From my perspective, the firm’s client list had enough A-list names still on it, and the CVs of the professional staff looked impressive. Surely there was value here. When a new manager takes over a troubled … [Read More...]

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Startup Founders Leverage Hot Market for Early Paydays

David Byttow and Chrys Bader won the startup lottery, reaping millions of dollars in cash from Secret, the messaging app they founded. But they didn’t sell their company, stage an IPO or generate any revenue—the typical route to technology riches.

Comcast-TWC Merger Review Delayed

Comcast’s proposed $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable has run into another delay, this time due to the failure of Time Warner Cable to produce necessary documents to the FCC in a timely manner.

Messaging App Line Promotes Idezawa to CEO

Line, developer of a rapidly growing messaging application, said Monday that it would promote Chief Operating Officer Takeshi Idezawa to the chief executive’s position, effective in March.

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