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Are You Kidding? You Want to Join My LinkedIn Network?

People frequently ask me what they should do when people they don’t know invite them to connect on LinkedIn. This will begin to happen with greater frequency as you become more active on LinkedIn, especially if you decide to join larger groups. Some people assume that because you’re members of the same group, you will want to connect with them on the first-degree level. To see who wants to join your network, click the Add People icon on the … [Read More...]

4 Reasons to Love Twitter

This late arrival to the real-time social-media platform is making up for lost time, even using Twitter for business. … [Read More...]

From Candy, to Flowers to Cards, Valentine’s Day Is Good Business (Infographic)

Love may be a matter of the heart, but as these illustrations show, it's also helps drive the economy. … [Read More...]

9 Steps for Sticking With Your Marketing Plan

Following these steps throughout the year will help you keep your marketing on track and your business growing. … [Read More...]

Put down the fire hose: Is your audience drowning in information?

When you step up to speak, you hope what you have to say makes an impact on your audience, right? That goal can sometimes lure you into giving a presentation that has the opposite effect: leaving listeners shell-shocked, overwhelmed, and unable to recall anything you said. That happens when you ask them to “drink from the fire hose,” and drown your audience with too much information. Watch this video featuring Michael Richards of Seinfeld fame to … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Visa Takes 10% Stake in Payments Startup Square

Visa has taken a 10% stake in Square, making it one of the mobile-payment startup’s biggest shareholders.

Zenefits’s Regulatory Headaches Are All Too Common in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has a healthy distaste for regulators preventing them from disrupting old-line industries, but government officials are giving many startups a run for their money.

Google Wins U.K. Court Case Filed by Streetmap

Alphabet’s Google has won a U.K. court case filed by online mapping company Streetmap.EU, who alleged the U.S. technology company was skewing search results in favor of its own mapping product.

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