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Is the New LinkedIn Home Page Frustrating You?

The masses are saying, Help, Wayne! I want my old LinkedIn home page back! Sorry, my friends. I know I’m the LinkedIn expert, but I don’t have a simple solution. As a matter of fact, some of the home-page features we’ve grown to love are no longer available. We can only hope and pray that they’ll return in some form or fashion. However, I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath until they return. But let me share with … [Read More...]

Why Denny’s Sounds Like a Chill Teenager on Social Media

Find out how this restaurant chain was able to go viral with one of the most unique social-media strategy in the business. … [Read More...]

Why Boomers Might Be the Breakout Stars of Entrepreneurship (Infographic)

Many of the individuals born 1946 to 1964 are gearing up to launch a business of their own. … [Read More...]

The Giant Marketing Opportunity You’re Missing

Even if consumers happen to visit your site, they may not stay for long.-- which is why this one marketing trick can make all the difference. … [Read More...]

Apple’s Tim Cook on Leadership: ‘The Most Important Data Points Are People’

Cook, who took over for Steve Jobs in 2011, stresses that CEOs need to make swift decisions. … [Read More...]

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E-Commerce a Big Pain for India’s Deliverymen

Motorcycles go where trucks can’t, but drivers have to shoulder heavy backpacks filled with appliances, sometimes even dumbbells.

At Google, the Science of Working Better

Keywords: Google’s guru of human resources, Laszlo Bock, says work is made better through transparency, goal setting, frequent performance reviews and a less-hierarchical structure. And, of course, hiring smart, conscientious and humble people.

Facebook Woos Chinese Advertisers

Facebook is waging a charm campaign to draw more business from Chinese companies, even though Chinese users can’t access its service.

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