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How to Search For and Find Coworkers on LinkedIn

People around the world come to LinkedIn daily to strengthen their professional brands, network, and garner insights that help them better do their jobs. Recently, we discovered they’re doing something else: searching for coworkers. About 30% of members who search for people on LinkedIn view their coworkers’ profiles. Why? Good question! What we’ve heard from members is that the professional information on LinkedIn is more comprehensive and … [Read More...]

Here’s How One Tweet Led to Microsoft Buying Minecraft for $2.5 Billion

Social media can change the entire course of your company's future. … [Read More...]

When It Comes to Innovation, Here are 7 Mistakes People Make

While many entrepreneurs want to grow their business and offer products with a competitive edge, they neglect techniques and systems that generate a flood of valuable ideas. … [Read More...]

The Emotional Factors That Drive the Buying Behavior of Affluent Customers

Find out what "E-Factors" are pushing the purchase of goods and services by those with money. … [Read More...]

6 Necessities for Achieving Your Full Potential as a Leader

Esteemed leaders in business and politics have long shared remarkably similar advice for what is required to perform best and continue growing. … [Read More...]

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Xiaomi Expects Sales to Surge in 2015

Xiaomi expects sales and smartphone shipments to each rise by more than 30% this year, its CEO said, as the Chinese smartphone maker looks to overseas markets to keep up its growth.

Apple to Make Larger iPad in Second Half

Apple suppliers have been told to start production of a larger-screen iPad in the second half of this year as the U.S. tech giant wrestles with new designs and features for the enterprise market.

This Week on Digits: What’s Hot at Mobile World Congress

In this week’s Digits, find out what’s hot at the world’s biggest mobile tech show, learn how to make your own cloud, and discover the travel apps you shouldn’t leave home without.

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