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Is a Bigger Network Really Better on LinkedIn? [Video]

Recently I've begun sharing valuable LinkedIn tips via video on Periscope and on my Facebook page. I encourage you to follow me on Periscope and/or like my Facebook page so you don't miss a single episode--plus you can participate by asking questions. In one of my recent videos (see below), I answered the always popular question, "Is a bigger LinkedIn network really better?" The video runs for just 10:17. If you'd like to read a detailed article … [Read More...]

Helping Blog Readers See the Rest of the World

Back in March of 1976, Saul Steinberg created a cover for the New Yorker Magazine that’s become a classic.  The image shows how New Yorkers might see the rest of the world if they faced west on 9th Avenue, and it became so popular that parodies of it ending up being challenged in court. What made the map funny was the way it portrayed New Yorkers as totally self-absorbed, centered around a few New York City blocks, with Washington, D.C. depicted … [Read More...]

6 Reasons Your Sales Team Is Underperforming

All sales teams face some of the common problems. A few suffer from all of them. … [Read More...]

Extraordinary customer experiences

Does your company deliver extraordinary customer experiences? How does an extraordinary experience happen?  One great tool to help answer these questions is a journey map. A journey map provides a complete picture of the customer experience. By investing time in understanding the customer journey, including the people and functions they interact, and enablers and obstacles, companies can identify their unique strengths and areas of … [Read More...]

6 Habits of Effective Entrepreneurial Leadership

Leadership is the fuel that sparks business growth. … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

These 360-Degree Cameras Capture Everything Around You

Cameras that shoot every angle in a single shot have arrived. Geoffrey A. Fowler explains how VR-ready cameras like Samsung’s Gear 360 and LG’s 360 Cam, along with Facebook, can change photography.

EBay’s StubHub Acquires Ticketbis

EBay Inc. on Tuesday said it had reached a deal to acquire Spain’s online ticket platform, Ticketbis, as it looks to expand its StubHub business abroad.

Google to Increase Size, Frequency of Ads

Alphabet’s Google said it will increase the size of ads that run atop search results and expand ads on Google Maps in an effort to avert slowing revenue growth.

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