How to Capitalize NOW on an Important Upcoming LinkedIn Change

Get ready. LinkedIn has announced that changes are coming soon—a very important one being the makeup of the custom feed on your LinkedIn home page when viewing it on your computer. Note: This does not relate to the mobile app.  Here's what they've said thus far: "Through the LinkedIn Feed, we are inspiring and informing professionals every day with the most relevant industry and trending news. We want professionals coming to LinkedIn daily to get … [Read More...]

The Power of “When” in Blog Marketing – Part B

After reading some of the insights about time and timing in Michael Breus’ book The Power of When, I couldn’t help thinking of the tremendously influential role timing plays when we’re marketing a business or professional practice by publishing blog posts. The most obvious time-based question, of course, is how often we should be posting blogs. “It’s easy to be immediately overwhelmed by the thought that you have to post multiple times daily,” … [Read More...]

How to Pursue the Perfect Virtual Reality Experience

Virtually everyone is smitten with VR. But it's not going to go far unless entrepreneurs fix its problems first. … [Read More...]

Keys to effective employee engagement

Understanding that employees are both pressed for time and juggling a myriad of responsibilities, CX professionals must find innovative ways to motivate and engage colleagues to take action. Here are some tips: Clear vision of outcomes and the essential behaviors. To effectively influence the behaviors of others, CX professionals must have a clear understanding of the results they want to achieve, how these results will be measured, and the … [Read More...]

How passion fuels innovation

There’s not a successful leader that I know who isn’t worried about how his or her organization creates and utilizes knowledge to develop better products, deliver better services, capture the hearts and loyalty of customers and outdistance competitors. In highly commoditized industries, the path to true market distinction can be even more challenging. Like other companies, you are sourcing the same set of needed skills from the labor pool, often … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Dyn Says Cyberattack Has Ended, Investigation Continues

The web service provider was disrupted by a denial-of-service attack on Friday that cut off access to popular sites such as Twitter, Netflix and PayPal.

Russian Hacker Suspected of LinkedIn Attack Indicted in U.S.

A federal grand jury in Oakland has indicted a 29-year-old Russian man suspected of hacking into three Bay Area technology companies: LinkedIn, Dropbox and Formspring, a now-defunct social networking company.

Visa Taps Blockchain for Cross-Border Payment Plan

Visa is putting a bitcoin-style network to work as it aims to take on a new market, the large and complex cross-border payments made between businesses.

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