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Is the American Dream in Crisis? LinkedIn Speaker Series With Professor Robert D. Putnam

Having a home full of books and a mother who was a teacher led me to love reading from an early age. When I was in kindergarten, my hand always shot up when my teachers asked for volunteers to read out loud. I vividly remember feeling confident and wanting to read more, a positive cycle that helped me succeed through school. Fast forward to adulthood, and I realize that I was set up for success at a very young age, an opportunity many kids never … [Read More...]

Show ‘em the Juice is Worth the Squeeze

Touting the tax planning advantages of tax-deferred annuities at our Financial Planning Association meeting, Tim Hays of Jackson National Life talked about the relatively high fee structure that kind of investment typically carries. Is the juice worth the squeeze, he asked, going on explain why, in fact, it is. Hays’ presentation made me realize how important it is for us blog content writers to focus on helping readers arrive at that same … [Read More...]

Why This $9 Billion Publicly Traded Toy Company Is Crowdfunding to Find the Next Big Game

Hasbro and Indiegogo today announce that they are partnering to seek out, identify and grow the most innovative gaming ideas out there. … [Read More...]

4 Free or Inexpensive Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

A great office culture and a unique domain name can help you break through the market clutter. … [Read More...]

Tips for Standing Out From the Crowd(Funding)

This post is sponsored by PayPal. Bank loans and venture capital continue to be popular funding sources, but they do not work for every entrepreneur. Some startups are turning to crowdfunding as an alternative to traditional loans and a means to get their businesses off the ground. But simply creating a cool new product or service is not enough to attract contributors through online crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. A … [Read More...]

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Hacker Killed by Drone Was ‘Secret Weapon’

That Islamic State’s Junaid Hussain was targeted directly by the U.S. and U.K. shows the extent to which digital warfare has upset the balance of power on the modern battlefield.

DeNA Goes Live Streaming With Mirrativ

Japanese mobile game and Internet company DeNA Co. is joining the global live streaming race with a new app that allows users to share literally anything happening on their smartphone screens – be it videos, games, or users simply browsing the Web.

Judge Denies Wall Street Journal Request for Records

A federal judge ruled the public generally has a right to see secret government requests for electronic surveillance in criminal cases. However, she refused to release a batch of such documents because the cases are ongoing.

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