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Bring in Your Parents Day 2015: The Year of the Lighthouse Parent

You’ve heard of tiger moms. Free-range parents. Helicopter dads. But there’s more to parenting than the extremes—and our latest research discovered that many young adults want more involvement than they’re getting when it comes to their career. As LinkedIn’s Bring in Your Parents Day approaches, I’ve found myself thinking about all the ways in which my parents supported me growing up. I was lucky that they provided me with countless words of … [Read More...]

Cutting Blog Words Down to Size

National Geographic Kids collects quirky, fun facts, and this week’s Say It For You blog posts are based on some of these. I’ll bet you didn’t know this one: There is a hill in New Zealand named Raumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakotanatahu. (Really?) That’s enough to inspire hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words) in any business blog content writer, I’d say, certainly enough to bring on didaskaleinophobia … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Salvage Promising Ideas That Aren’t Working Out

If you think of that first great insight as just the starting point, you won't give up on it when at first it doesn't succeed. … [Read More...]

Six characteristics of effective Customer Experience

Companies that set the bar for creating effective customer experiences share many characteristics: Create a customer-centric experience that surrounds their products, services, and processes Develop and protect a culture that places high value on the customer Design products and services to meet the customer’s current and future needs Establish customer-focused processes that promote the ease of doing business Know … [Read More...]

9 Revelations About Toxic Leaders

If you're squeamish about dealing with ruthless, narcissistic, sadistic, maniacal, backstabbing slime-balls, executive life is not for you. … [Read More...]

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Tech Startups Chase Something Other Than Profits

At a demo day in San Francisco on Wednesday, Joyce Kim’s presentation of her financial services startup sounded a lot like a tech startup pitching venture capitalists for funding.

‘Steve Jobs’ Review: Good Apple, Slightly Mushy Core

Danny Boyle’s biopic stars Michael Fassbender as the Silicon Valley innovator in a story, adapted by Aaron Sorkin, that’s as multifarious as Apple’s founder.

Uber’s Probe of Data Breach Focuses on Lyft Executive

Investigators looking into last year’s data breach and theft of drivers’ records from Uber Technologies have found indictions implicating an executive at rival ride-hailing app Lyft.

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