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Lead Generation: The power of copy

Words matter. Words inspire. Words are influence. One of my greatest inspirations in copywriting has always been Rudyard Kipling because he understood the true power words possess. This little gem, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind,” is one of his better-known quotes on the subject and you can see why. It’s also no surprise to me that marketers continue to discover new opportunities to increase conversion through … [Read More...]

To Become a Great Business Blogger, Become a Know-It-All

Wow!  Fellow blogging coach Jon Morrow really is painfully honest in his “How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers”! Reality is, Morrow explains to readers dissatisfied with traffic to their blogs, “popular bloggers are smarter than you are.” One thing that makes those popular bloggers smarter is, according to Morrow, “They know damn near everything about their topic.  And if they don’t know it, … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Get PR for Your Startup Without Spending a Pretty Penny

Getting exposure for a project you’ve sacrificed sleep, money and social time for may seem like the highest priority right before launch. The problem is most startup budgets won’t bank a clever publicity campaign or a high-end PR firm. Luckily there are low-cost ways to generate interest in your business before sales start percolating. 1. Communicate your higher purpose. In today’s startup culture, the reality is you’re probably not the first … [Read More...]

Three tips to help rise above the clutter

Here are three tips for getting people to take notice in the customer experience initiatives: Brand it. Come up with a good name and logo to represent your customer experience initiative. Too often companies resort to calling it the customer satisfaction survey or the customer loyalty program. Plan it. Too often, a good communication plan is an afterthought. Create a plan that identifies the audiences, the messages, and the vehicles you … [Read More...]

12 principles of inspiring leadership

This post is an excerpt from “Communicate to Inspire” (February 2014, Kogan Page) by Kevin Murray. Be yourself better Authenticity as a leader is crucial. Followers will not commit if they do not trust you and believe that you have integrity. So, even if you are a highly introverted individual, you will have to learn to speak with more passion, talk to your values and stand up more often to speak to your beliefs. Followers must feel … [Read More...]

Latest IT News

Heartbleed Bug’s ‘Voluntary’ Origins

The encryption flaw that punctured the heart of the Internet this week underscores a weakness in Internet security: A good chunk of it is managed by four European coders and a former military consultant in Maryland.

San Francisco’s Zendesk Snaps Up Singapore Startup

Singapore’s increasingly active startup scene has seen another acquisition. Local startup Zopim, which provides live chat software, is being snapped up by San Francisco-based cloud services company Zendesk.

Flaws Found in Web Security Tool

An encryption tool used by a large chunk of the Internet is flawed, potentially exposing reams of data meant to be hidden from prying eyes.

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