Adding LinkedIn’s Profile Card on Office 365 Offers a Simple Way to Build a Professional Relationship

Over my career, I’ve learned that the success of a project is often determined by the strength of the team. That’s why it’s important to take time to know the people you work with, and it’s why I’m excited to share LinkedIn’s integration into the Office Profile Card, bringing personalized LinkedIn insights directly into your Microsoft Office 365 experience. This makes it easier to develop authentic relationships with your colleagues, your … [Read More...]

10 Proven Ways to Make Millions on Social Media

Sales and marketing is a numbers game. With 2.5 billion people online and more added every day, the numbers are working for you.7 … [Read More...]

Need Some Inspiration to Start Your Week? Watch This Former Marine Explain How Starting a Company Has Changed His Life.

Randy Hetrick is the founder of TRX, a physical fitness program. … [Read More...]

Why Your Marketing Doesn’t Work and What to Do About It

If your campaigns keep failing, you might find the issues internally. … [Read More...]

Communication is about people, not technology

The context of US political and policy communications has undergone a seismic shift with President Donald Trump’s frequent use of Twitter. Can business leaders rely on electronic and social media as a primary mechanism for seeding the ideas that build effective teams and cultures? Laura was recently appointed to a high-profile role with international responsibility and a diverse group of employees geographically dispersed around the globe. It’s a … [Read More...]

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A Rare Joint Interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Bill Gates

On the occasion of the publication of Nadella’s first book, out this fall, Nadella and his predecessor talk shop.

White House to Unveil Coding Education Initiative

President Trump was set to unveil an effort to boost computer science training in U.S. classrooms, a measure that won him a show of support from Silicon Valley and other business leaders after recent tensions between the White House and American corpor…

Science Affliction: Are Companies Cursed by Cameos in Blade Runner?

The 1982 sci-fi movie classic is back with a splashy sequel, but Atari, Pan Am, RCA and other companies featured in the original later had a tough time in the real world. ‘Curses are meant to be broken.’

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