Here is What You Need to Know About Your Brand New LinkedIn Profile

Can you believe it? LinkedIn has changed your profile AGAIN! If you haven't received the new profile yet, you will see it soon. This is the second change in less than a year. And although the changes aren't as far reaching as last year's changes, there are some critical revisions you should make to address these changes. The changes are only in what I call the top box, which is what people see when they first look at your profile (before … [Read More...]

How Women Are Fighting Back Against Online Bullying — and the Tech Companies That Allow It

The new film 'Netizens' details the threats to life and livelihood women endure and what they're doing about it. … [Read More...]

The Digital Retail Experience Is About to Be Redefined — Again

Imagine a frictionless retail ecosystem, just a step up from where we are now. … [Read More...]

Accelerate Time to Value for Your VoC Program

The best long-term business strategy is focusing on learning and improving your customers’ experience. And companies that truly make the customer experience a priority outperform the market. You can use many different methods to start better understanding and learning from your customers: focus groups, surveys, social media, operational data, observation, communities, journey mapping, actually talking Continue reading The post Accelerate … [Read More...]

Be your best self every day in every way

When you change how you think about leadership, it changes how you think about life. I believe that effective leadership isn't a position. It's a choice to serve others. Effective leadership isn’t a conversation – it’s a philosophy. And it’s not a different philosophy for work and a different philosophy at home and a different philosophy with friends or with neighbors – it’s one philosophy. Cheri Huber’s 1988 book “How You Do Anything Is How You … [Read More...]

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Adults Are Terrorizing San Francisco On Tiny Electric Scooters

In a compact city known for experimentation, electric-powered devices are injuring toes, starting fights, prompting debates over regulation; ‘Wild West situation’

Comcast Pursues Sky, Sizes Up Bigger Move for Fox Assets

Comcast has submitted a $31 billion bid to buy Sky, prompting the European pay-TV operator to drop its backing for a takeover by Fox and setting up a bidding war for the company.

A Look at WeWork’s Books: Revenue Is Doubling but Losses Are Mounting

A bond-offering document from WeWork Cos. this week provides a glimpse into the finances of one of the world’s most valuable startups, showing how the shared office company is rapidly expanding revenue—and incurring heavy losses.

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