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Privacy and Data Protection Review of LinkedIn Ireland: Some New Features To Know About

At LinkedIn, we are grateful for the trust of our members.  We believe that trust is earned by taking privacy and security seriously every day and by being transparent with you about how we use your personal data. LinkedIn recognizes the Office of the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) as our lead regulator on data protection and privacy practices in Europe. The IDPC came to us in 2013 with a request to review our practices in these areas. … [Read More...]

OPA for Blog Content Writing – A

It’s a principle used by many to build financial success – OPM. The idea: we’re not limited by our own resources, because we can use Other People’s Money. Even if we lack the financial resources to take advantage of business opportunities, explains Michael Lechter of PowerHomeBiz.com , OPM makes moving forward possible. I like to use that same principle in blogging for business, except the resources involve other people’s advice, or OPA. This … [Read More...]

Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Productivity Articles of 2014

Busy doesn't always equal productive. These helpful articles, our most-viewed stories on the hot topic this year, illustrate the difference. Check them out to learn how to stay focused and get more done in the year ahead. … [Read More...]

Did 2014’s Marketing Predictions Come True? (Infographic)

A look back at some of the top predictions of the year, and whether they were accurate. … [Read More...]

Entrepreneur’s 10 Most Popular Leadership Stories of 2014

What makes a great leader? These articles can point you in the right direction. … [Read More...]

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Bang & Olufsen Sounds Profit Warning

Danish high-end consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen has cut its earnings guidance for the current fiscal year, citing production ramp-up and supply-chain issues.

China’s Hopu Among Xiaomi Investors

Chinese private-equity firm Hopu Investment Management is among investors putting a total of just over $1 billion into Xiaomi in a deal valuing the smartphone maker at over $45 billion, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Tech-Savvy Tots Talk to Cyber Santa

Some families are skipping going to the mall to visit Santa. An array of digital services let children text, call or video chat with the jolly old elf.

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